The Last Word

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I think living with all breeds of dogs brings certain challenges.  Living with Greyhounds even has challenges from time to time, as I’m sure most Greyhound owners could tell you.  One thing I love about them is that they are pretty quiet.  German Shepherds, on the other hand, always have a lot to say.

Three Beauties -- Tales and Tails

Three Beauties

In our house, both Morgan and Küster both have their chatty times.  Küs likes to send me off in the morning with a serenade.  The boy loves me and I guess it’s his way of letting me know.  Mr. Taleteller gets absolutely no fanfare whatsoever when he leaves, but Küster lets everyone know that he’s going to miss me while I’m gone.  The only other times you hear him are when an ambulance goes by or a tornado siren goes off, at bedtime turn out and first thing in the morning.  His howl for sirens is eerie and should be recorded for a scary movie.  The rest of the time, he barks like mad.

Morgan, on the other hand, has a lot more to say.  She barks anytime anyone moves.  She barks when someone looks at one of her Honky Pigs or her bone.  She barks every single time a doorbell rings on television and makes me want to hunt down the person who made those Febreeze commercials and commit violence.  If my husband is petting or spending time with one of the other dogs, Morgan is lodging a complaint the whole time.

The Traveling Trio -- Tales and Tails

The Traveling Trio

What I’ve learned, though, is that when my husband is gone, Morgan is as quiet as a mouse.  You’d never know she was here, with the rare exception of when someone drops off a package at the front door.  If I’m at home, I am usually sitting pretty close to her and all I ever hear is her snoring or a random grunt from a Honky Pig.  When Mr. Taleteller gets home, though, it’s a different story.

The funny part, at least for a little while, is that Morgan loves to argue with him.  If she barks, he will usually tell her to be quiet.  She responds with more barking.  He’ll usually grumble something back at her, to which she replies with more barking.  No matter what happens or what you say, Morgan always has to have the last word.  I’ve lived with her long enough to know that no matter how long you keep talking or what you say or even how you say it, she’s going to talk back, and she will say it loud and proud.

So What You're Saying... -- Tales and Tails

So Want You’re Saying Is…

The other night, they were having a disagreement and I was a little amused at first.  Their disagreement kept escalating until I was getting a little annoyed, mainly because Morgan’s barks were ricocheting painfully in my eardrums.  It was also because Mr. Taleteller just couldn’t seem to grasp that he was arguing with a dog and there was no winning.

Morgan:  Hey!

Mr. Taleteller:  Not now.  I’m watching a show.

Morgan:  You have DVR.  Pay attention to me!

Mr. Taleteller:  Would you be quiet?!

Morgan:  No, I most certainly will not!

Mr. Taleteller:  I’m not talking to you.

Morgan:  Well, I’m talking to you!

Mr. Taleteller:  Knock.  It.  Off!

Morgan:  No!

Mr. Taleteller:  Oooo!  Dog, you are driving me crazy!

Morgan:  I love you!

In the end, my husband gave up the argument and took her for a walk.  I guess you could say they called a truce.  What I do know is that if you live with a German Shepherd, you aren’t going to be in a situation where you just hear yourself think.  They have a lot on those sharp minds of theirs, and they’re going to share it with you whether you want to hear it or not.  And Morgan wanted me to add these last words to today’s post, “Happy Birthday, Mr. Taleteller.”  Even though they drive him crazy sometimes, the dogs all love him and wish him the best today.

Always On Watch -- Tales and Tails

Always On Watch

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5 Responses to "The Last Word"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    It’s lovely to see Morgan. She is a stunning girl. One of my friends has a German Shepherd and when you first go into the house she lets off a very shrill bark. It certainly does rattle your eardrums.

    Hope you all have a lovely day. Sue,Polly & Honey

  2. Janice Webb says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr Taleteller! Beautiful pictures of the gang.

  3. Casey the Boxer says:

    Wow, it’s Mr. Taleteller’s barkday?? What a grreat day for it! Happy barkday to him. And Momma says that she DESPISES those evil Swiffer ads because the doorbells.

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