The Illinois Squirrel Revival

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On Sunday, we packed the dogs up and took them all to the dog park.  Saturday the Shepherds were cooped up all day while the Greyhounds were in Saint Louis and Sunday was much too beautiful a day to waste on not getting out.  We also were hoping to sleep Sunday night and that wasn’t going to happen if a certain black tornado didn’t burn off a lot of energy.

As we were getting ready to go, Blueberry appeared at the back door.  My husband started to tell her no, but I raised an eyebrow at him and he grabbed her leash, grumbling about one more dog to pick up after at the park.  It’s true that Blueberry doesn’t generally enjoy being at the park outside where bugs could land on her and where she has to stand up without a bed to lay on, but I know it’s still good for our old lady to get out and see new sights once in a while.

At first, it was Küster and Morgan who were making the most of the dog park experience.  Küs met a young Vizsla named Dougal and they really hit it off.  We could have filmed the dog version of The Matrix there at the park.  A bit later, Bunny showed everyone just what Greyhound speed really means as she took a few laps around the dog park with a young Pointer.

Squirrel!!!Usually, Blueberry makes a cursory trip around the park, pooping copiously so that we have to clean up after her for a good ten minutes.  Then she sniffs a few blades of grass.  After that, when she can only air pee, she starts whining and wanting to go back to the van to lay down.

The Chase Is OnHowever, this day at the dog park was different.  Blueberry’s nemesis, the squirrel, was there at the dog park and he was being careless.  I was first alerted to his presence when Blueberry took a stance similar to one of a Pointer, with her ears in the Flying Nun position.  I thought she’d stand there like a statue forever, or at least until the squirrel disappeared and was forgotten.

Full StrideBlueberry surprised me, though.  She began slowly stalking closer to the squirrel, moving through the trees like a stealthy deer.  Then, she began moving faster and faster and before I knew it, she was in flight.  I haven’t seen her run full out in a long time, and honestly, I wasn’t sure she still could.  I can tell you one thing, though — that squirrel saw her run.  He made it up the tree without much room to spare.  He may have wet himself a little.  She was that close.

Closing InI was very surprised to see Blue take off the way she did.  I suspect that she even surprised herself.  After all the fun and excitement of the past weekend, that might be my favorite moment of all.  There’s no denying that Blueberry is aging, but she’s still got a lot of life in her.  The fact that she forgot about her inhibitions and just went for something she really wanted inspired me.  I think the moments when we surprise ourselves with our own abilities are some of the best there are.

I Showed Him

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32 Responses to "The Illinois Squirrel Revival"
  1. Jen says:

    Oh, how I love Blueberry! I’m so glad that you got action shots of the Great Squirrel Hunt of ’12. I especially like the last picture, where she’s looking back in your direction. You have to wonder what’s going through her head, whether it’s thoughts on how that dang squirrel got away, or why you’re so far away, or sudden self consciousness at her all out run.

  2. Goose says:

    Way to go Blueberry. I love that she seemed to know right away, at the house, that this is something she must do. Loved the pictures of her in action. MOM can tell you from personal experence that people are very suprised when they see me run, and jump and weave in and out of trees and when they ask about me and find out that I am creeping up of 13. The look on their faces, mnostly it is disbeilf and think my MOM is stretching it. We may be “old” but when we see something we want not much can stop us. MOM loves how you conect Blueberry and her actions to what humans can learn from it, from us.

  3. Rottrover says:

    Blueberry looks as surprised and pleased by her performance as her mom!

  4. BZ Training says:

    You go get him, Blue!

  5. Sue says:

    So glad the dogs enjoyed themselves and really pleased Blue gave flight.

  6. Lynn says:

    I never cease to be amazed by your beautiful dogs and wonderful photography.

  7. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    Go Blueberrry, go!

  8. Declan says:

    I’m with you Blue…. damn squibbles! Mum says on the last holiday Flynn had, she found a field that had a sand track around it. Something inspired Flynn and he took off like the wind… something he hadn’t done in a long while. She says it’s one of her happiest memories of him… Deccy x

  9. melF says:

    I love the story and the pictures. Daisy is going to be 9 this year. She runs a lot less and doesn’t play as often, but every once in a while she surprises me and takes off to swim in a lake, chase a squirrel or fly over some logs in the woods as she stretches her legs. It’s a wonderful sight isn’t it?
    Good for you Blueberry!

  10. Patty says:

    GO BLUEBERRY! I love the last photo where she is looking back at you. She is pleased with herself.

  11. It’s lovely to see Miss Blue in actions! Can’t really tell why, she just melts my heart and I always love her dearly.

  12. Jen says:

    What a great story to share today! The little squirrel had to have wet himself just a little bit!

  13. Cindy says:

    So glad Blueberry had a good time at the park. Nothing like a nice squirrel chase to bring out the puppy in any dog.


  14. you are so insightful…I always love when you include a lesson in your posts. This was wonderful!

  15. genjiscorner says:

    Yay Blue. You showed that squirrel and your family that you still got it.

  16. Woohoo, way to go, Blueberry!!! Get that squirrel!

  17. Benny & Lily says:

    We thought blueberry was a reindeer
    Benny & Lily

  18. Hooray for Blueberry!!! Nothing is more beautiful than a greyhound in full flight (out in the open of course rather than on a track in my opinion).

    I admit I may be biased – just a teeny tiny bit.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  19. mrsbearfoot says:

    Way to go, Blueberry! Can’t be letting the squirrels get too comfortable. After all, it is a DOG park, not a squirrel park.

  20. I think there was something in the air on Sunday. I’m glad Blueberry got a hint of it. It must have been beautiful to see her let loose.

  21. Anna the GSD says:

    You gotta watch those lazee dogs…they’re all like “oh, I just taking a nap…” then BAM!! They do something like this! Sometimes Duncan does that, but it’s me instead of a squiggle….

  22. Your post has me choked up just a bit. I know your feelings as you watched your girl forget those years and become young again, even if it was just for a short while. When our girl Wendy who is about 15 started rolling in the leaves yesterday I felt the same way.

  23. I love it! You’ve still got it Blueberry!

  24. miss veil says:

    You go get him Blue! I hope you gave that squirrel the fright of his life, bet you did!
    Miss Veil

  25. Don’t you just love it when the older ones come back to life like a pup??

  26. Amen Sister! Blueberry is our hero.

  27. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning says:

    Way to go, Blueberry – Phantom salutes you, and hopes you didn’t hurt your leg like he did in his moment of youthful fun.

    Hope you all have a super weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  28. KB says:

    I’m smiling ear-to-ear. I love the photos but I love the story even more. Here’s to the young spirit of Blueberry!

  29. Way to go Blue! I love the pictures, especially the second one 🙂

  30. Oh, how wonderful! I bet you were glad you let her join you! I do love it when the oldies kick up their heels and enjoy themselves.

    I bet she had a blast, too. To stretch her legs and back out like that, AND get that close to a squirrel must have made her day – or month!

  31. Rosemary says:

    Nothing perks up a dog like a runaway squirrel! I bet Blueberry would have gotten it too if that darn tree hadn’t been so close!

  32. Better luck next time, Miss Blueberry.

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