The Deep Freeze

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Like a lot of places, we’re still experiencing some serious cold weather here where we live.  Fortunately, we aren’t getting bombasted by the snow like the people living on the East Coast.  We’ve had our share of snow, but our problem is the wind chill.  It feels like we’re living in the deep freeze all the time and I have a new appreciation for our warm little house every time I set foot outside.  It may not be perfect and have it’s share of drafts, but it’s ours and it keeps us all safe and warm.

Winter Wonderland -- Tales and Tails

Winter Wonderland

Our dogs live inside unless we’re out walking, hiking, training or taking care of business.  I haven’t heard them complaining about the arrangement, and lately, I get the impression that they’re as happy to have our house as we are.  We bundle the Greyhounds up in their coats when we take them out, but the Shepherds have thick fur and a serious aversion to wearing canine apparel.   All four of them are wasting no time in getting back in the house, though.

Bunny loves the cold weather, but she’s all business right now.  When we go outside, she does what she has to do and is rewarded with a quick trip back into the house.  Morgan likewise can be in and out in under two minutes.  The girl doesn’t mess around.  Even Küster, who often enjoys catching a few snowballs and playing outside for a little bit in the cold weather, is worried that his family jewels might freeze off.  He’s getting his furry tail back inside as quickly as he can, too, and crossing his paws that nobody gets lost in this weather.

Snow Kissed -- Tales and Tails

Snow Kissed

Then we have Flattery.  She seems to think that we ordered this cold weather and that we can also call up at any time and cancel it.  Cold is not her thing.  That may be one of the biggest understatements of all time.  Instead of hurrying out and quickly taking care of business, though, she still thinks that if she closes her eyes, she can wish it all away.  She hasn’t made the connection between getting her business done quickly and then getting back inside to curl up in her favorite blanket with a treat and refusing to do her business and standing outside in the cold.

The humans are not amused by this.  We want to be in and out as quickly as the dogs do.  Since Bunny takes care of her business quickly, I take her back in the house when she’s finished.  There’s no sense in the senior dog having to stay out in the cold because the whippersnapper wants to be stubborn.  It seems to never fail that taking Bunny in triggers a jog in Flattery’s memory that results in her finally going potty.   She’s not happy with peeing in the cold or with the fact that I’ve been telling her it’s too cold to go for rides in the car with me.  I don’t think anyone is as over the cold as she is.

How are things in your corner of the world?  How are you beating the cold, or the heat or whatever else Mother Nature is throwing your way?  How many days until Spring?

How Many More Weeks Of Winter -- Tales and Tails

How Many More Weeks of Winter

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  • Sue Dyer

    Today the temps are 1, it’s wet and dismal. As I don’t have a garden (yard), I have to take my girls for a walk first thing, so they can do their business. They have loo breaks where they just go outside on leads. Polly will squat and do a wee quickly, but Honey can mess about and she’s worse if it is raining.

    Hope your temps rise soon. Sue, Polly & honey

  • Trisha L.

    It is 4° with -15 wind chill. Snapshot is not fond of the cold anymore and is pretty quick about doing his business. Frankie will not go out at all! We have a doggy room where they can go potty indoors. They only pee in there, but Snapshot will go #2 in there if it is urgent.
    So if Frankie doesn’t go #2 soon, he is going to the dogtor’s!!
    Keep warm and safe everyone!!!

  • Sarah Bates

    Here in Arizona, our highs are in the 70 degree range and lows in the 40’s. Our hounds are thrilled they can sun themselves outside without a need for jackets; however, we humans are wishing for average temps (high temps should be about 15 degrees cooler). Needless to say, it’s a tug of war on our house. 🤪

  • ShineJake

    It goes up and down here in the southern parts of Sweden. We don’t have any snow yet, but it does get fairly cold on occasion. Right now we’re just averaging on 25 to 26,6 degrees, so we don’t have any problems with walking the dogs quite yet!