Thank Goodness For Bad Weather

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In case you don’t know, we live in the Midwest of the United States, and we had some wicked weather yesterday.  It’s the first storm of the winter season for us, and it was a fierce one.  It spoiled some plans that I had, but I am still here to write about it, so I consider that a bonus.  There have been tornadoes, floods and freezing rain all blowing around, and there have been people killed in this storm, so it’s no joke.

All Tucked In -- Tales and Tails

All Tucked In


I had planned to go and do a hospice visit with Bunny and pick up a gift for my sister’s birthday, but when all the reports started coming in about trees being blown down, cars being blown off the road, and power lines being snapped like match sticks, I rethought out plans.  If I were going by myself, I probably would have gone anyway and risked it, but the thought of having to get out in the weather with Bunny in tow didn’t appeal to me.  It’s one thing to make a decision to risk myself, it’s another when she has no say in it.  So, we had a quiet day at home instead.

I’ve been on break and had a lot of days off, but a lot of them have been taken up by other obligations.  Yesterday was a decadent day of resting and relaxing together with nothing to do but hang out together on the couch under soft blankets, watch TV and read.  I am amazed at how recharged I feel after a day spent doing so little.

Under Cover Greyhound -- Tales and Tails

Under Cover Greyhound

We have had such a mild winter that I’ve been hoping the autumnal weather would just stay here until spring hits.  Winter is not my favorite time of year.  I tend to think of it as the dead season, instead of the season of rest.  The truth is, though, that we need winter so that plants and some animals can rest and recharge.  Often, though, I forget that includes us humans.  We need to give ourselves downtime, as well, although we often think that there are a hundred different things we should be doing.

Sitting in the living room and watching the world go by reminded me that there are things that we enjoy doing with the dogs in the winter months, too.  There are winter hikes to see frozen waterfalls, shopping trips, indoor nose games and trick training, snowball catching if you’re Küster, and warming up inside under warm blankets.  It’s a season of reconnecting for us in a way.  Our lives seem to slow down during the short days and we take time to appreciate some of the simpler things in life.

Dashing Through The Snow -- Tales and Tails

Dashing Through The Snow

Thank goodness for bad weather days to help us remember to take it easy and enjoy the slower pace of life.  Maybe I’m just a glass half full kind of girl, but I love little messages from the universe that remind me of something good, or something that I knew but had forgotten.  In the past two months, I’ve found myself running pretty ragged and while I know on one level that I need to take it easier, actually experiencing a slow, easy day made me appreciate it in a whole different light.  Nobody here seemed to mind, whether they were human or canine, and I find myself dreading the next bad weather day a lot less right now.

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4 Responses to "Thank Goodness For Bad Weather"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Hope your bad weather has gone. Mother Nature sure has a lot to answer for at the moment. You stay safe.

    Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    You are so right it was a good time to relax and snuggle with the dogs. We lost power for about 4 hours. I live in the midwest too! We always get the lake effect weather which is a lot of snow. I think of it as good exercise going out to shovel snow with the dogs. Have a good week!

  3. Amy Boyer says:

    I’m glad you’re all safe. Staying in was a wise decision as well as a restful one. It’s raining here today and I can use the restful day as a chance to drink tea and catch up on reading blogs and playing with Christmas presents 🙂

  4. Emma says:

    We are having a snowstorm and loving it. Winter is our favorite time of year. Snow is so fun and the cold weather means we can be out so much longer. Heat is not our thing at all and we don’t like to be out much when it is hot.

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