Television Has Gone To The Dogs

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In the United States, we have a program that airs in the summer called America’s Got Talent, and I know there are versions of it in a lot of other countries.  The talent this year has been outstanding and two of the acts that are doing really well involve dogs.  Of course we are rooting for them, but to be honest, I won’t be disappointed no matter who wins.  The performers this year are all incredibly talented and entertaining.  It seems that television has gone to the dogs in the very best way.

Watching Shark Week -- Tales and Tails

Watching The Show

One act involves a mother, father, little girl and a whole host of Poodles.  Those Poodles do tricks that I’ve never even dreamed dogs could do.  The other act is a young woman with a Border Collie, as well as a Collie who made a surprise guest appearance this week, who does canine dance to the extreme.  They choreograph dance moves that I am not sure that most people could do.

What I noticed as I watched them this week was that even though the judges all have various personalities and preferences, every one of them enjoyed the dog acts.  Every one of them mentioned that watching the dog acts just made them happy.  It made me think that we might be on to something with dog acts.

Watching Dogs With Jobs -- Tales and Tails

Watching Dogs With Jobs


There has been a comeback to some of the old styles of television programming with game shows and variety shows starting to make more appearances.  Maybe we need a variety show of dog acts, or pet acts in general.  People are a lot more attached to their pets now than any other time in history.  A lot of people have pets that can do incredible and amazing things.  There are also a lot of people who enjoy watching those talented animals.

Maybe we just need a show or two that makes us feel warm and fuzzy in only the way a good animal show can.  I have a feeling that most people who read this will agree with me that they’d watch if such a show existed.  For those who can’t get their pet fix at home, it would be nice, too.  I’m not sure if such a show will ever happen, but I’d watch it if it did.  For now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for the dog acts in the show this year and enjoy it while it lasts.

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5 Responses to "Television Has Gone To The Dogs"
  1. Claire Armstrong says:

    I totally agree, I would watch shows like that all day long. I live in the UK and I watch Crufts every year, not for the show part but for the fly ball and the dancing to music and all the other activities the dog enjoy, the dogs love it and it always makes me smile.

  2. There was a show like that, hosted by Mario Lopez. Sadly it only lasted one or two seasons.

  3. Sue Dyer says:

    I have fond memories of shows like Champion The Wonder Horse, Skippy and who could forget Lassie.

    Hope you have had a nice day and are looking forward to the weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  4. hello houndstooth its dennis the vizsla dog hay its abowt time they put us dogs in chardj of the teevee!!! first things first mor shows abowt skwirrels!!! and also the iron throne gits replaysd by a nice soft bed and a buntch of rawhide chews!!! i wil think up more programming chayndjes layter!!! ok bye

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