Taking Care Of Sick Humans

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Bunny here at the keyboard, doing a special fill in post about taking care of sick humans.

You might be guessing right now that my human is sick, and you would be guessing correctly.  I can tell you that she is in no shape to be writing blog posts or doing much of anything besides resting.  Dad could write a fill in blog post, but I didn’t think he’d remember.  So, being the concerned canine that I am, I decided to do a quick post today to keep the blog moving along and do a public service by giving some tips on taking care of sick humans.

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Based on my experiences through the years, I’ve learned a few things about taking care of humans when they’re sick.  Most of the time, we depend on them to take us out, feed us and rub our bellies because we can’t do these things on our own.  Sometimes, though, we have to take care of them, too.  So, here are my top tips for taking care of sick humans.   Feel free to share some of your own.

  • Make sure they get lots of sleep.  It’s best if you lay in the bed beside them or on top of them to be completely sure they are resting.  Every once in a while, put your head under their hand so they know you’re there and can comfort themselves by stroking your fur.  Petting dogs has healing properties, don’t forget.
  • Offer kisses.  I know it sounds old fashioned, but you can wash away germs while you’re at it.  And it just makes them feel good.
  • When humans are sick, a lot of times that means they can’t breathe well.  A few well executed farts can help clear those nasal passages and help them get on the road to recovery.
  • Become a shadow.  It is imperative that you follow your human everywhere when they are sick.  If they go to the bathroom and close you out, lay down outside the door.  If they go to bed, lay down in bed with them.  If they want to watch television, lay down on the couch beside them.  Just don’t let them out of your sight.  I’m not sure why this works, but I don’t take any chances with letting my human out of my sight when she’s sick.  You never know when you might need to herd them to the couch or the bed.
  • Be patient.  Your human will eventually feel better, you’ll go back to taking walks and keeping your normal routine.  Enjoy the opportunity to have your human around a little more.  Soon enough, you’ll have the couch back to yourself when they go back to earning money for kibble and collars.

That’s my short list for taking care of sick humans.  I hope it’s helped in some way.  I need to get back to taking care of my sick human, so I’ll share more another day.  Taking care of sick humans isn’t easy, but it is important.  If you don’t take care of them, they can’t take care of you.

Life Is Ruff -- Tales and Tails

Life Is Ruff

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