The Fast, The Slow and The Beautiful

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As Bunny mentioned yesterday, we went hiking for the first time in a while this weekend.  It’s something I love to do, but it can also bring its frustrations, as well.  As we were walking along on the trail, it occurred to me that we were The Fast, The Slow and The Beautiful as we […]

The Tortoise and The Hound -- Tales and Tails

Winning The Race

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One of the tough parts about being a dog owner is seeing your dog start to become a senior.  It’s a bittersweet feeling, because while they become infinitely sweeter in old age, it also makes it hard not to start thinking about what the future might hold in terms of your dog’s health and longevity. […]

The Tough Life of a Princess -- Tales and Tails

Greyhound Or Goat

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Back when we had our first pair of Greyhounds, Treat and Hawk, I used to laugh every Saturday morning over a routine that repeated many times in our house.  On Saturday mornings, our routine was different, and that different routine meant that we would be going to do something with the Greyhounds, usually a meet […]

Mellow -- Tales and Tails

With Age Comes…

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Our recent visit to the University of Illinois with Bunny and Küster made me think of a few things.  Generally, we don’t like to think about our dogs or ourselves getting older, but there are a few benefits.  Traveling with the oldest and youngest members of our pack reminded me of just that. After we […]

Sleeping On It -- Tales and Tails

You Have Been Summoned

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The last few weeks, I’ve noticed a new routine at our house that makes both my husband and me laugh.  I’m not sure how it started, probably subtly, as many routines do.  For a long time, it has been Bunny’s routine to go back to our bedroom after we start getting ready for work.  That’s […]

Hello, Sunshine! -- Tales and Tails

Senior Entitlement

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One of the things I’ve always been proud of is that our dogs have excellent manners, especially when we take them places with us.  Yes, the occasional mishap happens, but by and large, they usually do us proud.  At home, their manners aren’t perfect, but they’re usually pretty good. Bunny learned early on that if […]

One Heart -- Tales and Tails

Senior Moments

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This week, I have found myself really under the weather.   I gave in and called in sick so I could take some medicine, which I can’t do if I want to wake up when the alarm clock goes off and be a functioning human being.  I don’t know why, but my body has never […]

Pink Kicks -- Tales and Tails

Strange Motivations

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As much as I like to think that I understand my dogs, I have to admit that sometimes their strange motivations leave me scratching my head.  Most of the time, I feel like I at least understand why they do what they do, even if it makes no sense to me.  I just chalk it […]

Computer Geek -- Tales and Tails

Never Type Alone

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Now that I’ve been through the Greyhound adoption process several times, I’ve learned that there are stages that come along with it.  In the beginning, everything is new and most Greyhounds are trying to take it all in.  Some are more confident than others, but most adapt to their lives in retirement within a few […]

The Royal Treatment -- Tales and Tails

All Hail Queen B

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Through the years, we’ve referred to Bunny often as The Princess.  This is an official title that she has come by honestly.  While she is incredibly sweet, she also exudes an aura of royalty that is hard to ignore.  Let’s just say that Bunny has certain expectations about how she wants to be treated and […]