Jr. Handler and her dog

Search And Rescue — Jr. Handler Program

by Mr. Taleteller on

In order to promote interest in the field of K-9 search and rescue, encourage responsible pet ownership and encourage community service our team has recently started a Jr. Handler program. Junior handler programs provide youth with opportunities to improve their handling skills, practice good sportsmanship and get hands-on experience that touches many facets of their […]

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A Bit Obvious

by Houndstooth on

It hasn’t been a secret lately that Flattery feels that she’s entitled to a certain amount of time with Mr. Taleteller.  Our little snuggle bug doesn’t just want affection, she usually demands it. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem, because my husband likes having one of the dogs to curl up with. The […]

Search And Rescue Saturday–The Search Starts

by Mr. Taleteller on

Last week we reported that one of our team’s K-9 candidates was scratched from the team.  Now the search starts. No,this is not a search for a missing person but instead the search starts for a new K-9 partner to start training.  Newton’s family did decide to remain with the team and they started searching […]

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It’s A Gas

by Houndstooth on

Maybe we’re just easily amused at our house, but it seems to me that some things are just funny.  I remember the good old days of dating when Mr. Taleteller never farted, excuse me, passed gas, or burped in my presence.  If one slipped, there were profuse apologies and because my husband is a redhead, […]

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Attachment Disorder

by Houndstooth on

If you were to ask my husband, he would tell you that the Greyhounds are mine, while he’d claim Kuster as his. We both try to pawn Morgan off on the other, but she really is my husband’s dog. They make a spectacular obedience team, but I’m getting off subject. Lately, I’ve seen a lot […]