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The Battle For Couch Domination Continues

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I’ve shared a few stories in the past about how Mr. Taleteller and the Greyhounds have a difference of opinion about who actually owns the couch.  He may have paid for it, but that means nothing to Bunny or Flattery.  Most of the time, the girls are very content to share the couch all afternoon […]

Hating The Boot -- Tales and Tails

The Boot

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I mentioned last week that Flattery is dealing with the return of another corn.  It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced it, but the corn has to get to a certain level of hardness before you can pop it out.  Until that happens, it’s like walking with a pointy rock in your shoe. […]

I'm Listening -- Tales and Tails

Be Careful How You Talk To Your Dogs

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The other night, Mr. Taleteller and I were out walking with Flattery and Morgan in our quest for more steps.  It was a warm evening, but not uncomfortably so and we were on the home stretch.  As we walked down the last street, we had a bit of a strange experience. There’s a house on […]

I Had No Idea You Were Sitting Here -- Tales and Tails

Excuse You Very Much

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As a kid, I grew up with my dad telling stories about his very proper grandmother.  He used to laugh and tell us stories about how she would come over to family dinner on Sunday, sit at the table and fart, then look around accusingly at everyone else as if someone else had done it. […]

Ninety Nine and Three Eighths -- Tales and Tails

The Battle For Bed Domination Continues

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It hasn’t been much of a secret that Bunny and Mr. Taleteller have had a bit of a dispute about how things should go as far as who gets which prime real estate at bedtime.  They have an ongoing battle over the spot on the other side of the bed from where I sleep.  At […]

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The Next Top Model

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I haven’t made much of a secret of the fact that I participate pretty actively on Flickr and I am doing a 365 project, which means that I take a picture every day.  There are different groups I belong to that offer different challenges every day, so I try to do something creative or pretty […]

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Things That Go Oof In The Night

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Last week I found myself really sick and getting rest was pretty important.  I usually sleep pretty deeply, but I was sleeping like the dead on Friday night.  That’s the only explanation I can think of for the predicament I found myself in early Saturday morning. Normally, Bunny sleeps in bed with us.  It’s actually […]

Red Dog, Blue Dog — Politics Goes To The Dogs

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I don’t know about everybody else reading, but I’m already tired of all the campaigning going on here in the United States, and we still have a month left until the election of a new President. I get tired of all the nastiness that gets stirred up. Sometimes I wonder if the people running have […]

The Great Cat Invasion Of Woodford County

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Thursday, I had to work late at school because of parent teacher conferences.  This meant that Mr. Taleteller got to do afternoon turnout with the dogs.  Unbeknownst to me, my husband and Morgan had a little incident during morning turnout that I hadn’t been told about.  Morgan is usually the last one to go out […]