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It’s The Little Things


Bunny's First Puppucino -- Tales and Tails

I mentioned that during my break, Flattery has become very insistent that she be included during our outings.  Most of the time, I’m happy to oblige her.  However, Wednesday evening, Bunny and I had our monthly volunteer meeting which meant that Flattery had to stay home. I’m pretty sure that this secretly pleases Bunny to […] Read more…

Two Scoops


A Composed Little Lady -- Tales and Tails

Sometimes, there are little moments in life that are so funny, you have to laugh about them several times and it’s still not enough.  This is one of those “I’m glad it wasn’t me” types of tales that may or may not tickle your funny bone.  I know that it tickled mine. With the lovely […] Read more…

Why I Love Greyhound People


Sharing Dinner Dolce -- Don Beisert

It’s not a secret that I am a big fan of Greyhounds as a breed.  I’ve come to love them for many reasons and I just feel that they are the breed for me.  The dogs themselves are sweet, reserved and unassuming and I feel that they could win over just about anyone if they […] Read more…

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