Puppy Bunny -- Tales and Tails

Another Year Sweeter

by Houndstooth on

Today is a big day at our house.  Nine years ago, I didn’t know it would be, but eighteen months later, I started to get the idea.  When Bunny was born, her predecessor was still alive and well.  We were busy doing active things, and Treat was the same age then that Bunny is now. […]

Nature Girl -- Tales and Tails

An Adventure In Birthday Celebration

by Bunny Hound on

Bunny here at the keyboard to share my exciting weekend adventures with you. I had one busy weekend and I have been waiting to tell you all about it.  You see, I have a birthday this week and Morgan had a birthday last week, so we had a weekend of birthday festivities.  There is nothing […]

You Can't See Me -- Tales and Tails

Catching Something In A Bottle

by Houndstooth on

Sometimes as pet owners, we are faced with having to do things that are unpleasant or difficult, but we suck it up and we do them because we know that we have to.  At times our pets are sick and we have to clean carpet or furniture.  Other times we have to crate them or […]

Walking Buddies -- Tales and Tails

I Want My Hour Back

by Houndstooth on

Here in the States, we had the time change over the weekend.  I guess someone thought having an extra hour for Halloween would be a good idea, and I guess I can’t complain.  Anytime I get an extra hour to sleep in, I am a happy camper.  However, I am not sure we still really […]

Eye On The Spirits -- Tales and Tails

Why Greyhounds Will Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

by Bunny Hound on

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about something on my mind. This past weekend was full of spooky fun.  I hope you enjoyed some yourself.  We had a very rainy start to the weekend, so we spent most of it inside, enjoying some television all bundled up together.  I thought it was a nice way […]

Waiting For The Great Pumpkin -- Tales and Tails

Trick Or Treat

by Houndstooth on

You know, sometimes turnabout is fair play, and you just have to laugh about it.  This week, we saw a little of that, and it just goes to show that sometimes our dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.  That, or humans aren’t as smart as we give them credit for. […]