Off In Dreamland -- Tales and Tails

Whose Bed Is It, Anyway?

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about an event that happened at our house over the weekend. Saturday, my humans were busy all day at Grandpa’s house again.  He has lived a long time, over ten dog years, and I guess he has acquired a lot of stuff during those years.  My human says he […]

Strange Bedfellows -- Tales and Tails

Somewhere Murphy Laughs

by Houndstooth on

I was planning on writing about something else for today, but it will keep until next week.  Last night, we had one of those incidents that begs to be a blog post happen and I thought it would be more fun to write about than those other things.  It seems like one of those things […]

Old Church Door -- Tales and Tails

Upsetting The Apple Cart

by Houndstooth on

Last week, I had a hair appointment one night after school.  That’s not an earth shaking event by any means, although I was it questioning my sanity for making it during the first week back to school.  In any event, it meant that Mr. Taleteller arrived home before I did and took care of the […]

Winsome and Watchful - Tales and Tails

Black Hounds Matter

by Houndstooth on

Hello, out there!  Roving canine reporter Flattery writing for you today. I know that Bunny usually writes the blog on Mondays, but I told her I had something important to share, so she said I could do the writing today.  As you might already know, April is Adopt A Greyhound Month, and I felt that […]

Bright Eyes -- Tales and Tails

Why Do We Love Them

by Houndstooth on

In a not so surprising turn of events, we came home the other day from work to discover that Flattery had found a half full bottle of water on a table, and for reasons known only to her, she sniped it, took it to a dog bed and chewed on it just enough to make […]

Afternoon Daydreamer -- Tales and Tails

Out Of Nowhere

by Houndstooth on

Sometimes, dogs are just funny.  For that matter, sometimes people are, too.  You never know when something funny is going to come out of nowhere on a regular night at home.  This is where we found ourselves the other night. It had been a pretty regular day for the most part.  We went to work, […]