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Sitting On The Sidelines

By Houndstooth

Penalty For Cuteness -- Tales and Tails

Last weekend, Flattery started working on a new corn on her foot.  I know this because she’s started standing with her foot off the floor again and an inspection of her foot shows the tell tale signs of one starting again.  She’s also gotten very defensive about me looking at her foot again. For that […] Read more…

The Velveteen Greyhound

By Houndstooth

Lightly Frosted -- Tales and Tails

I was taking some pictures of Bunny this week, and I noticed something.  Somehow, the color on her face seems to have worn off.  I’m not sure when it happened.  When she came here as a young Greyhound, barely more than a puppy, she had a blue face and an adorable white stripe down the […] Read more…

A Spa Day

By Bunny Hound

Soft And Fluffy -- Tales and Tails

Bunny here at the keyboard to share a part of my weekend with you. My humans had an adventure planned for us this weekend, but it got postponed to next Saturday.  Somehow, with some extra time on his hands, Dad had a crazy idea about what to do on Sunday afternoon.  My friends, it’s always […] Read more…

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