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The Bug Collector


The Complex and Intricate Workings of the Greyhound Brain -- Tales and Tails

I have mentioned before that Flattery is our live in entertainment system.  The fact is, she’s just a funny dog in a lot of ways.  As frustrated as I get with her, there are other times when I just have to laugh at her.  Sometimes, I think she does things because she knows it will […] Read more…

Water With Style


A Cool Refreshing Drink -- Tales and Tails

July happens to be Pet Hydration Month.  It’s a time of year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere to be out doing all kinds of activities, but we often forget to keep ourselves and our pets hydrated.  For pets, staying hydrated is even more important, because while human bodies are made up of […] Read more…

The Standoff


Pink Purse Pillow -- Tales and Tails

In every family, I’m sure there are issues that you work on with your dogs.  There is no perfect dog, but probably there is a dog that’s perfect for you.  Mr. Taleteller and I are not new to Greyhounds.  We have had four different hounds before Bunny and Flattery came here to live with us. […] Read more…

Enjoy Your Independence


The Greatest American Hero -- Tales and Tails

Today is a big day in the United States where we celebrate our country’s birth and the freedoms that we fought for.  If you’ve known us for awhile, you probably know that we have our big party on July 3 because the little town where we live puts on quite a show.  There’s a Cruise […] Read more…

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