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Time After Time


Here Kitty Kitty -- Tales and Tails

Most Thursday nights find us visiting the nursing home with Bunny and Flattery.  Normally, Mr. Taleteller also accompanies us, but last night he had a meeting to attend.  My original plan was to just go with Bunny and let Flattery hang out at home.  I feel like I can interact better with the nursing home […] Read more…

Sometimes They Surprise You


Apple Of My Eye -- Tales and Tails

It’s hard to believe, but next month will mark two years since Flattery came to live with us.  In some ways, it seems like she’s been here much longer than that, and then there are other days when it feels like she just got here.  I caught myself calling her Lilac the other day at […] Read more…

Bed Hopping


Lean To The Left -- Tales and Tails

For years, I’ve read people raving about the dog beds from Costco.  I admit that I’ve always been a little jealous of those who had access to them and curious as whether they were worth all the hype.  In the last year, a Costco finally opened near us and this Spring, Mr. Taleteller decided it […] Read more…

An Adventure In Art Appreciation


Swans On The Marsh -- Tales and Tails

Bunny here at the keyboard writing about my recent weekend adventure. This weekend we got a strong taste of summer with some wicked thunderstorms and some heat and humidity.  However, it was also the anniversary of my humans’ wedding, so we wanted to do something fun and relaxed together.  We were a little afraid that […] Read more…

The Next Big Thing Is Here


Waiting For Food To Fall Off The Table -- Tales and Tails

I know a lot of people were wondering about how Flattery did on our trip to Nashville.  Her penchant for mischief made me a little nervous about how she’d do in such a large setting.  On top of the usual worries about what she’d get into, she also started working on corn a week before […] Read more…

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