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A Warm Heart In Winter


All Tucked In -- Tales and Tails

Bunny here at the keyboard writing about something on my mind. This weekend, we didn’t get out to do anything more exciting than take a regular walk, which isn’t really enough to write a blog post about, except to say that while I found the cool weather quite invigorating, other dogs thought it was downright […] Read more…

How To Wake Up A Dog


Hawk Kiss -- Tales and Tales

Over the weekend, I was asked a question by a new Greyhound adopter about a serious incident at her house.  They recently adopted their first Greyhound and they have an eight-year-old daughter.  The girl went to give the dog a hug good night, but the dog was sleeping.  She couldn’t tell, because his eyes were […] Read more…

Our Hiking Tradition Continues


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