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A Decent Adventure At Last

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing to say that we’ve finally had a proper Spring break adventure. The beginning of last week was a rather gloomy start to our Spring break adventures.  It was raining like something out of an epic movie and my human had her nose buried in a book.  I didn’t mind […]

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It Does A Body Good

by Houndstooth on

During our first week of Spring break, I usually find myself taking quite a few outings with Bunny and Flattery.  This week was different, though.  We started break off with rain and more rain, with gusting wind, hail and miserable temperatures.  There was also the fact that a book I’ve been waiting for was released. […]

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What They Don’t Tell You

by Houndstooth on

As Bunny was working on her post about why you should adopt a Greyhound, I started thinking back to when Mr. Taleteller and I adopted our first Greyhound.  We did the required reading before we thought we knew a lot before we brought our first Greyhound home, but of course, we learned a lot along […]

Greyhounds On The Waterfront -- Paula Cagney

Still More Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Greyhound

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing my annual post about why you humans should adopt a Greyhound.  I write a post every April, because it’s Adopt A Greyhound month, and because there are still Greyhounds around the world waiting to be adopted and keep someone’s couch from being empty.  It’s hard to believe, but there […]

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The Substitute Scratcher

by Houndstooth on

This past weekend, Mr. Taleteller and Küster headed off to do some training, leaving me at home with the girls.   For the most part, we took it easy since the weather was pretty rainy and a certain German princess felt that she needed to go out at 4:00 in the morning.  I’m not sure […]

Heading For The Open Road -- Tales and Tails

The Great Escape That Never Was

by Houndstooth on

Earlier this week, Mr. Taleteller and I needed to run out for a quick errand and decided to get a quick bite to eat for dinner while we were out.  Since the weather was nice and we’d been at work all day, we decided to take Bunny and Flattery along with us.  Keeping Flattery out […]