Comfy On The Couch -- Tales and Tails

Sitting Pretty

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If  you live with a Greyhound, you probably already know that the couch is no longer really yours.  This also goes for the bed and any other item of comfortable furniture that you once thought was yours.  They have an uncanny affinity for the most comfortable spot in any situation and they will go to […]

Take Me Out to the Ballgame -- Tales and Tails

Add A Dog

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Yesterday, a world record was set a few hours from where we live.  The Chicago White Sox had their Bark in the Park night and had a world record of 1,122 dogs in attendance at the game.  It’s the largest number of dogs to attend a sporting event.  They only needed 1,000 dogs to make […]

Pink Kicks -- Tales and Tails

Strange Motivations

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As much as I like to think that I understand my dogs, I have to admit that sometimes their strange motivations leave me scratching my head.  Most of the time, I feel like I at least understand why they do what they do, even if it makes no sense to me.  I just chalk it […]

Spa Day -- Tales and Tails #MilkBone

A Tail Of Revenge

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Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about my weekend. Our weekend was pretty low key, truth be told.  My humans were off at Grandpaw’s house again helping with things on Saturday, which pretty much took up all of that day.  By the time my humans were back home, they were too tired to do much […]

Visit Number Fifty -- Tales and Tails

How Do You Do

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Typically, when we do nursing home visits, Bunny goes with me and Flattery goes with Mr. Taleteller.  The girls both have their own style of greeting people.  Flattery is a little more outgoing and she’s usually the first one to walk up to someone and greet them.  She’s the penultimate social butterfly, going from one […]

Calendar Girl -- Tales and Tails

Adventures In Canine Modeling

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Bunny here at the keyboard to share something that was a little exciting for us this weekend. If you’re involved with Greyhounds, you may have heard about Celebrating Greyhounds.  They put out an award winning magazine about Greyhounds that people read far and wide.  It’s available in a digital edition now to keep up with […]