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The Most Beautiful Hound…


Clarice -- Tales and Tails

A long time ago when I was on a Greyhound forum called Greytalk, I told someone who was considering adopting a Greyhound that “the most beautiful Greyhound is the one on your own couch.”  Since I became involved with Greyhounds, I’ve seen the whole rainbow of beautiful hounds.  I have a few Greyhound colors that […] Read more…

To See The Future


Flattery Relaxes -- Tales and Tails

This past weekend while we were at the Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption we had the chance to meet a specific group of Greyhounds that really intrigued me.  When we went up to the kennel over a year ago, we didn’t just meet Flattery.  We also met Fly, Gigi, Lorelei and Delta.  As a matter of […] Read more…

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