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Search And Rescue — Jr. Handler Program

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In order to promote interest in the field of K-9 search and rescue, encourage responsible pet ownership and encourage community service our team has recently started a Jr. Handler program. Junior handler programs provide youth with opportunities to improve their handling skills, practice good sportsmanship and get hands-on experience that touches many facets of their […]

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Search And Rescue Saturday — Cold Outside

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It’s no secret that the Chief Editor and I have four dogs at home.  Three of them love the cooler weather.  One, Flattery, does not.  She just gives you a look that say’s baby it’s cold outside.  Now for my K-9 partner baby it’s cold outside is followed up with, let us play.  I believe […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — Scent

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My Humble Attempt This week for search and rescue Saturday we discuss scent.  In full disclosure, scent theory is very involved and I am not a scent expert by any means.  So this blog post is my humble attempt to explain a few concepts which I have picked up over the years while training. For […]

K9 Working On Finding Scent--TalesAndTails.com

Search And Rescue Saturday — Happy Anniversary

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TalesAndTails.com would like to wish Illinois-Wisconsin Search Dogs a Happy Anniversary.  If you are asking how old they are, it is their 30th Happy Anniversary this year.  Great Job! Illinois-Wisconsin Search Dogs is one of the search and rescue K-9  teams that we use for mutual aid whenever we are called and are in need […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — Great News

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Last week at the Oklahoma City Memorial reflecting pool, football coaching legend, Barry Switzer and his wife announced great news. First, the Oklahoma City Fire Department received a donation of two search and rescue dogs.  That’s great news and  to make things even better another announcement was made. The second announcement was that Mr. and […]

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Search And Rescue — Congratulations

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We have a belated big congratulations to two of our fellow teammates.  Congratulations Handler Joan and K-9 Buzz and Handler Kathleen and her K-9 Redden on your certifications. Earlier in October many of my fellow teammates made a drive to eastern Tennessee to attend the International Police Working Dog Associations (IPWDA) National Workshop.  I was […]