Too Cute To Spook -- Tales and Tails

A Trick With No Treat

by Houndstooth on

I can honestly say that life with four dogs is almost always interesting, but we do have our regular routine that stays pretty normal.  I can also say that sometimes, they take me completely by surprise.  As the witching hour of Halloween starts to approach, I can say that a trick with no treat is no […]

Greyhound Girls -- Tales and Tails

It Takes Two

by Houndstooth on

Last week, I again found myself facing the difficult decision about which dog to take with me to our nursing home visit.  We weren’t seeing any hospice patients so either of the Greyhounds could go, it was just a matter of choosing which one to take to visit the Alzheimer’s patients.  On one hand, Bunny […]

The Scarecrow Cafe -- Tales and Tails

Persistence Pays

by Houndstooth on

I love our dogs, but sometimes I can’t help feeling that they live to get the better of me.  This week in particular, Flattery has been one determined little miss and I am not sure whether to admire her or throttle her.  She has a one track mind and if there’s one thing that she […]

A Walking Adventure

by Bunny Hound on

Bunny here at the keyboard to tell you about our walking adventure during National Walk Your Dog Week. Our week started off on a high note.  We went out on Sunday and took a walk on a new trail that we’d heard about, but hadn’t been able to find.  We started our walk on the […]

Calgon, Take Me Away -- Tales and Tails

Finding Serenity

by Houndstooth on

This week, the world has been a lot to take in.  Over the weekend we had a personal loss.  On Monday, we saw the worst mass shooting in our country’s history.  In local news, we’ve also had a big story here about some foolish and immature high school freshmen who have shown that they have […]