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How Do You Know

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Like a lot of people, I get emails from various sources related to things I like and am interested in.  It won’t surprise anyone to hear that I get news from several different places that have information and news about dogs.  There are a lot of articles out there about dogs and humans on a […]

Partners In Crime

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Earlier this week, I took Flattery out with me to take pictures at a spot that I’d seen and was dying to take photos at.  It’s not in the best part of town, and I was hoping I could get my husband to go along with us, but that wasn’t happening.  I brewed and stewed […]

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Stop Bugging Me

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This summer, we’ve noticed something a little different about our dogs.  I don’t think it makes them terribly different from other dogs.  I guess I’ve just noticed it because it’s new behavior for them.  Well, sort of new behavior, anyway. Flattery has turned into the Mr. Miyagi of Greyhounds.  By that, I mean that she […]

All You Need For Summer Fun -- Tales and Tails

All You Need

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This weekend I’ve been feeling a little disappointed that my summer break is almost over.  There are a lot of reasons that I won’t go into, and I know that I’m lucky to have this time to enjoy being off.  Spending extra time with the dogs is always a bonus for me.  I guess my […]

Pausing on the Street -- Tales And Tails

Dogs Make Good Neighbors

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I get a regular newsletter from HABRI, which is the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, and a lot of times they publish articles that really intrigue me or make me think.  One that I just got talks about a study that was recently done in four cities; Perth, San Diego, Portland and Nashville.  All four […]

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Big Ideas

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned on the blog that Mr. Taleteller’s sister and her family had lost their family dog, a lovely Yellow Labrador named Lilly.  It seems like yesterday when my husband and I got to help with the surprise with a surprise for his niece’s birthday by picking her up and keeping […]