Princess Morgan -- Tales and Tails

How German Shepherds Reproduce

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There were certain aspects of dog ownership that I had never encountered until we brought a German Shepherd into our lives.  I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but apparently German Shepherds only come in the masculine variety.  No matter where we go or what we do, people assume that Morgan is a male, […]

The Pupcake -- Tales and Tails

On Greyhounds And Sitting

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On Thursday’s post, I was talking about teaching Flattery to sit.  There is a lot of mythology out there about Greyhounds and whether they can or can’t sit.  I noticed several questions about it, and I thought I’d try to address some of them here. One question asked was why Greyhounds can’t sit.  Actually, they […]

I Sit And You Pass Out Treats

You Had Me At Sit

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Since we brought Flattery home, my husband has been working diligently to teach her one thing.  He has been working at getting her to sit on command.  I know that some people think Greyhounds can’t sit, but they can.  Other people think they can’t be taught to sit, or do anything else on command, but […]

Lilac in the Sunshine -- Tales And Tails

A Word About Senior Pets

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In case you didn’t know, August is Adopt A Senior Dog Month.  I know that most Greyhound people know that May is Adopt A Senior Greyhound Month, but August is a month for all breeds of dog.  When I realized this, it got me thinking about a few things. We recently adopted Flattery and she’s […]

Escape With A Good Book -- Tales and Tails

Always On My Mind

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In all the excitement and fun of posting stories about Flattery and how she’s settling in, there’s also another, quiet unspoken aspect of our lives.  We are still missing our original court jester and the special energy only she could bring.  She was unusually beautiful, and still managed to be goofy as all get out. […]

You Rang? -- Tales and Tails

Becoming A Model Greyhound

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I have to say that adding Flattery to our house has really been a fun experience, even when she’s exasperating the daylights out of us.  She brings a really fun aura with her and it’s infectious.   You really can’t stay put out with her when she looks up at you and does her tail […]

Flattery Wins -- Tales and Tails

Flattery Wins The Newest Adventure

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Bunny here at the keyboard to share the beginning of one of the most exciting adventures we’ve started here. Most of you know that we’ve been a bit sad here since Blueberry left us.  She was an important part of our family.  The truth is we all are, but you don’t realize how important someone […]

Heart Shaped World

Identity Crisis

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A few weeks ago I heard a story about a young man who had a beautiful, perfect and unscarred heart who was proclaiming that his heart was the most beautiful of all.  To his surprise, an old man stood and challenged him, saying that his heart was more beautiful.  The old man’s heart was scarred […]