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On Greyhounds And Sitting


The Pupcake -- Tales and Tails

On Thursday’s post, I was talking about teaching Flattery to sit.  There is a lot of mythology out there about Greyhounds and whether they can or can’t sit.  I noticed several questions about it, and I thought I’d try to address some of them here. One question asked was why Greyhounds can’t sit.  Actually, they […] Read more…

Always On My Mind


Escape With A Good Book -- Tales and Tails

In all the excitement and fun of posting stories about Flattery and how she’s settling in, there’s also another, quiet unspoken aspect of our lives.  We are still missing our original court jester and the special energy only she could bring.  She was unusually beautiful, and still managed to be goofy as all get out. […] Read more…

The Best Dog Ever


Pillar of Blueberry -- Tales and Tails

Eleven years ago, we began a journey that ended yesterday.  That was when we met a tall, beautiful blue brindle Greyhound with two mismatched eyes and a penchant for mischief.  She stole our hearts from the very first moment she stepped into our house.  We didn’t think she was going to live here with us, […] Read more…

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