Search And Rescue Saturday — Support Person

by Mr. Taleteller on

The beginning of a new year brings our team’s annual operations and security training.  All people involved with search and rescue must attend.  After we go through the refresher training security and all that is involved with dealing with the public, media, etc.  The different divisions of our agency run through what they do for the […]

Search And Rescue Saturday Turned 4 Years Old

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Well, I have a big announcement for this week’s Search And Rescue Saturday.  A few weeks ago, Search and Rescue Saturday turned four years old.  I must say that as I type this now, 2014 does not seem that far back.  Unfortunately, each week while I’m trying to come up with different topics, it seems […]


Search And Rescue Saturday — A Look Back

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We made it.  It’s almost 2018, so let us look back at 2017. It is time for thinking about what we did this past year and Team Küster’s goals for 2018.  Wow, 2017 went by so very fast.  First, we did not have any health scares with the Chief Editor’s father.  If you remember we have […]

Search And Rescue Saturday–The Odd Requests

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Since the Editor and Chief of asked if I would consider writing this little thing called Search and Rescue Saturday I find myself being more aware of the comings and goings around me.  Many times after something happens I find myself thinking, could I make that into a blog post.  So, just this week […]