Such Good Manners

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About a week ago, we had the Greyhounds out for a few errands with us.  As usual, we were stopped by a number of people who wanted to meet them, pet them and ask questions.  We know when we take them out that this will happen, and we plan to have a relaxed, nonrished outing if we’re taking them along.  Every time we have them out with us, we hear a lot of comments about their good manners and I admit that I take pride in that.

The Lady at the Party -- Tales and Tails

The Lady at the Party

My first official day of vacation was yesterday, and I was enjoying a lazy morning of watching television and catching up on Facebook while I lounged in my pajamas.  Sure enough, two ladies from the Jehovah’s Witnesses showed up to invite us to a “special event” that I have no intention of attending.  Of course having people at the front door had Morgan voicing her opposition quite loudly, but Bunny and Flattery had no intention of letting Morgan’s big mouth be the impression the ladies took away from our house.

Meeting Pearl and Eddy -- Tales and Tails

Meeting Pearl and Eddy

I was feeling pretty proud that my girls have such good manners and that other people notice them.  Of course, the universe has a way of having a good laugh at your expense from time to time.  After all that gentility from the morning, my husband brought home small pizzas for us for dinner since Monday nights don’t leave us a lot of time to eat before obedience class.

He hadn’t even set the pizza boxes down yet before Bunny and Flattery went after him like a pair of tiny raptors.  I’m relieved that they didn’t start biting his leg, they were so determined, and they’d just been fed less than half an hour before he arrived.  You’d have thought they hadn’t eaten in days.  He sternly told them to knock it off and gave me the pizzas for safekeeping while he took care of letting Morgan and Küster out.

I Know You Really Want To Pet ME - Tales and Tails

I Know You Really Want To Pet ME

I suppose they’re like the rest of us.  We use our best manners when we’re away from home or looking to make a good impression on someone new.  There are times when we all slip up and forget our best, and I can’t expect the dogs to be perfect until I am.  I’m just glad that they’re always able to make a good impression on other people.

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  • Sue Dyer

    It ‘s a fact if you are with a dog people tend to stop. I do feel since having Greyhounds people are even more likely to approach us. Polly couldn’t care less, but Honey thinks they have stopped to talk to her.

    Should someone walk straight by she will follow them with her gaze, then look at me, as if to say ‘Well how rude’.

    Of course then there are Greyhound owners who just have to stop and chat to other Greyhound owners, even if it means crossing the road or stopping the car:) LOL

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

    • Our collies are the same way, they are in shock when someone walks by without saying hello. 🙂

  • Vicky

    I think when dogs, and we, are at home, we let our guard down and just relax. Sometimes, that may mean not having the best manners.

  • Love Sue and Kathleen’s comments. Honey also seemed irritated when people don’t stop to meet her. I swear she was a little jealous of Leroy the Newf at BlogPaws because he got more attention than she did.

  • Jodi

    Someone once told me (and this was regarding kids, but it pertains to dogs too,) it’s how they act in public that matters. At home (children especially) they are testing their ‘wings’ and learning boundaries…in public, damn, that’s the ‘game’ face. Bunny and Flattery got it!