Stealth Tactics

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In our house, there’s one dog known for her stealth tactics, and another who is known for being direct and getting her way.  That’s pretty typical of the way they behave, but it seems that there’s one dog here who’s willing to go to greater lengths than we expected to get what she wants.  It seems that Bunny has decided to take up a few of her own stealth tactics to get what she wants.

The Dreamer -- Tales and Tails

The Dreamer

For reasons known only to her, Bunny has a very definite sense of ownership of our bed.  In her perfect world, it would only be the two of us who slept there each night.  She gets too hot at night sleeping in the bed with us, but she won’t give it up.  She will tolerate Flattery’s bull in a China shop entrance every night, my husband’s tossing and turning and Morgan’s barking.  It’s extremely rare for her not to sleep in the bed between us and every night she has the dream that it will end up just being the two of us.

The other night, she got creative in this quest and it made me laugh.  Normally, we keep the baby gate up in the hallway so the dogs can’t get in there at night before we’re ready to claim our own spots in the bed.  Bunny spends all day in there while we’re gone, but she comes out to join us in the living room after we come back from work.  For some reason, my husband forgot to put the baby gate up after he put Morgan to bed in her crate in the bedroom for the night.  That was all the opportunity that Bunny needed.

She slipped into the bedroom like a little ninja.  I can only guess that she’s learned a few pointers from Flattery.  I went to bed first and when I walked in, I had no idea that anyone besides Morgan was there.  I plugged in my phone and crawled into bed.  I thought I felt toenails and a weight on the blanket as I pulled it over my shoulder.  I reached over my shoulder and felt around, but I couldn’t feel a dog there.  I turned the light back on and turned over to look.  I was alone in the bed.  Yet somehow, I knew that I couldn’t be.  I moved Mr. Taleteller’s pillows on the other side of the bed and there was Bunny with her eyes closed and a toothy little grin on her face.  I had a little chuckle, put the pillow back where it had been, turned off the light and laid down to go to sleep.

Dreams Do Come True -- Tales and Tails

Dreams Do Come True

A little while later, my husband came in.  I heard him plug in his phone and put a few other things away.  He walked over to the bed and then just turned and went to the kitchen.  I heard the rattle of the cookie jar and Flattery ran to the kitchen for a treat.  Bunny wasn’t falling for it.  Mr. Taleteller called her name cheerfully, asking if she wanted a treat.  She snuggled deeper into the bed.  I tried not to laugh.  Finally, he came around the corner with a treat and she decided that she wanted it.

I really thought she might win the battle of wills that night.  It was a new tactic for her and it was almost successful.  If only she hadn’t been lured by that darned cookie.  The humans learned that they’d better keep the baby gate in the right place if they plan on getting their post in the bed at night.  There’s more than one dog with stealth tactics in our house.

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6 Responses to "Stealth Tactics"
  1. Cindy Gingrich says:

    She is just too cute — and stealthy!

  2. Casey the Boxer says:

    BOL! Sneaky Bunny!

  3. Sue Dyer says:

    Think you need to buy a bigger bed, so all the dogs could curl up happily without getting too hot.

    Hope you have a nice day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  4. Trisha L. says:

    Way to go Bunny!! I agree with Sue, you need the extra big cal. king bed.

  5. ShineJake says:

    Wow! Those are some sneaky tactics for sure! I’m way beyond impressed! Bwahahaha! I would have laughed so hard if I’d found her or one of our own dogs like that! Alas, nobody can resist the temptation of cookies! Not even humans for that matter!

  6. Jessica Phan says:

    Very cute and smart dog! She’s a sneaky one. Great story, thanks for sharing 🙂


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