Spoon River Drive Goes To The Dogs

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard to share our weekend’s adventure with you.

This weekend, we had a different sort of adventure.  Actually, we had so much adventure that it took us two days.  It was the first weekend of Spoon River Drive, so Saturday all four or us dogs hopped in the van with Mom and Dad and we went off to see the sights of the drive.

Bernadotte DamFor people who don’t know, Spoon River Drive is a festival that is held in Fulton County, Illinois on the first two weekends in October every year.  People from all over the country, and even sometimes from other countries, come to see the historic little towns of Fulton County, the beautiful Autumn colors and some of them buy a lot of crafts and tasty food.  Spoon River is most famous for inspiring the poetry of Edgar Lee Masters in Spoon River Anthology.  It’s easy to see why the area was inspirational.

By the Spoon RiverWe didn’t visit every town along the route, but we got to quite a few of them.  Saturday we got a later start than we’d planned, so we didn’t see as many places as Mom or Dad wanted to.  Mom and Dad decided to go back out on Sunday, because Mom wanted more pictures and Saturday turned out to be a sort of gloomy day.  Morgan was also, ahem, a bit too protective of us and the van, while Blueberry was exhausted from all the riding.  So on Sunday, just Kuster and I went along.  Dad wanted to dedicate more time to teaching Kuster how to behave in public and Mom knows that I’m a reliable shopping partner.

Kuster by the Bernadotte BridgeWe certainly weren’t the only dogs enjoying the festivals or time out with our humans.  There were all kinds of dogs enjoying the sights and sounds.  On Saturday, I was the only one who got out and walked around with Mom and Dad because it was very crowded and rather brisk.  It was a good thing they just took me because people kept stopping us to pet me and ask a lot of questions.  Apparently I’m the first Greyhound that a lot of people have ever seen in person.  Mom and Dad took turns with me so that they could also do a little shopping.  We met all kinds of other dogs from Dachshunds to a Dogue de Bordeaux, who had fantastic French cologne on, I might add.  We also saw a Labrador who was solid white except for his nose and eyes.  We were wondering if that was even possible, but we didn’t get a chance to ask his human.

Meeting the French MastiffAnyway, some of the highlights of the places we saw were the lovely town of London Mills, where we had some fantastic apple slices covered with warm caramel and pecans.  We also watched them make kettle korn with a big copper pot.  There were people picnicking by the Spoon River in clothes humans wore a long time ago and they had a small Civil War camp set up by the river, too.  In Bernadotte we saw the old iron suspension bridge that was built by the Army Corps of Engineers when they had Camp Ellis there.  They also built the only dam on the Spoon River to divert water for their camp.  In Ellisville we saw an old restored opera house and a teepee where some people were practicing their tomahawk throwing.  In between all the wonderful towns we saw some beautiful scenery, too.  The leaves are turning beautiful colors this year.

Postcard from Spoon RiverIt was great to see so many people out with their families, remembering about how humans used to live and having fun together.  Everywhere we went, we saw smiling faces and we were smiling along with them.  It’s great when you get to do things you love with the people you love.  I hope that we get to go again next year.  It’s great to get out and feel the crisp air after the oppressive heat of summer.

Bunny in Autumn

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35 Responses to "Spoon River Drive Goes To The Dogs"
  1. Jen says:

    It would figure a Dogue de Bordeux would have some righteous cologne! I think they’re concerned with that sort of thing, even the males 😉

  2. BZ Training says:

    Bunny sure does seem fascinated! Love the top shot. What a beautiful location. 🙂

  3. BZ Training says:

    Oh, and no, there is no such thing a pure bred white lab. Not like you can get a white GSD. The white labs you see are very pale yellow.

  4. Sue says:

    Looks like a fab weekend. not surprised people wanted to stop and stroke you Bunny.

  5. genjiscorner says:

    Quite the scenic road trip. And lots of other doggies too.

  6. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    Gorgeous shots, and a fantastic outing for everyone.

    You know, I lived in Illinois for a year as a kid, in a Chicago suburb. However, I feel as though we never got around to seeing the rest of Illinois. We stayed in Chicago the whole time. I think we may have missed out on a lot.

  7. Veronique says:

    I would have loved it. Behind that Dogue, that’s a lace maker, right?

  8. Cindy says:

    What a fun weekend adventure.


  9. Now I’m interested in the Spoon River Anthology. Thanks…I need something else to be interested in (ha). These are my favorite types of events. Looks like so much fun. I must also add…Bunny, you look so fine in your collar, lime velvet lead and hot pink coat. Super styish.

  10. HoundDogMom says:

    Looks like a lovely time. I have always wanted to do the Spoon River Drive. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  11. That sounds like a fun time!

  12. I always look forward to your outings. They are always entertaining, informative and have wonderful photos! The apples sounded delicious!

  13. Goose says:

    That sounds like a wonderful weekend. What were you wishpering in that big guys ear Bunny?

  14. Sounds like you had a fab weekend with your humans, Bunny. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures and reading about your adventures.

  15. Peggy Frezon says:

    Looks like a lovely time, pretty colors and lots of nice dog pals to meet.

  16. Pup Fan says:

    Sounds like a wonderful adventure!

  17. So glad you guys had a good weekend – it looks like swarms of bugs and sucking sand is a thing of the past. =)

  18. What a fangtastic trip!!!


  19. Shine Jake says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely great to spend some time with those you love doing a few activities and such! Looks like you had a really good time!

  20. Benny & Lily says:

    It sure does look like every buddy was enjoying themselves. So pretty
    Benny & Lily

  21. Such a facinating trip. I love the fall colors and beautiful places.

  22. Ryker says:

    My mama loves those festivals.
    Spoon River, huh, isn’t there an old song like that?

  23. Bassetmomma says:

    What a great way to spend the weekend. The Spoon River Drive must attract a lot of tourists. It must be wonderful to visit all the quaint little towns. Bunny, you must have been pretty proud to represent greyhounds to those people who had never seen one. I’m sure they were totally impressed!

  24. Caron says:

    That sounds really fun. The last picture with Bunny in front of the field is beautiful!

  25. Oh Miss Bunny. You are one fashionable hound. Love the pink coat.

  26. Flea says:

    That looks like a great weekend! The weather looks perfect. We saw greyhounds everywhere when we lived in Florida. It was sad, actually, since most of them were rescues from the dog track about three miles from our house. Sweet dogs.

  27. Jet says:

    Hey Bunny, Jet here. Hi Mr. & Mrs. T.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, we have never heard of that festival or area before. The photos share the beauty well… and of course, Bunny, you look fetching in pink. 🙂

  28. Patty says:

    Looks like a fun weekend, Bunny!

  29. jet says:

    I’ve seen those very white looking labs before (golden retrievers too!), up close you can see there is a teeny bit of colour in their undercoat. Just a teeny bit.

    Looks like great fun, would love to take Barbie along to more stuff like that, as long as there are no brass bands or drumming troupes, she hates them. For some reason it seems like every out door market or festival here has to have one though. 🙁

  30. Gracie says:

    Great pictures! And it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Glad you had such a wonderful time and got to make friends along the way!

  31. What gorgeous scenery, and what gorgeous dogs! A lovely time!

  32. wyatt says:

    What a wonderful fall outing! Love the sound of the caramel apples with pecans, YUM!
    (I always get caught up in the food..ha ha)
    Wyatt’s Mom

  33. Pamela says:

    Funny, I don’t remember shopping in the Spoon River Anthology. 🙂

    But seriously, that looks like a wonderful way to show off the beauty of the area. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  34. Rich says:

    Where (hotel/motel) did you stay that allowed pets???

    The wife an I are going up this weekend and would like to take our girl with us.

    • houndstooth says:

      We are lucky to live close enough to be able to drive there from home, but the Super 8 in Canton is pet friendly and there are some dog friendly hotels in Peoria.

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