Sometimes You Surprise Yourself

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Once in a while, you find yourself laughing at your dog.  You might even feel a little guilty about it, but you just can’t help yourself.  If you have a dog like Flattery, you are guaranteed a laugh from time to time, and that’s pretty much all there is to it.  One thing that I’ve learned from Flattery is that sometimes you surprise yourself, and even that can be entertaining.

Posy Posing -- Tales and Tails

Posy Posing

To set the scene, picture Flattery and I relaxing in the living room together.  Bunny was off in the bedroom enjoying the fan on her belly and Flattery was enjoying the couch while I sat in the chair doing something on my iPad.  Morgan was napping in her crate behind me and everything was quiet except for the noise of the television, which was mostly background noise for me while I worked.  It was a scene of domestic bliss, or at the very least, contentment.

As I sat there, I heard a funny noise, and I looked over at Flattery on the couch.  To add to her comedy skills, she’s also a bit loud when she farts.  So, this little fart came out of her butt and it must have tickled on the way out as it made itself known to the world, because she jumped up and shot off the couch.  At the door to the hallway, she paused, turned to look back at the couch and then disappeared into the hallway.

In Bloom -- Tales and Tails

In Bloom

I’m not going to lie.  I cracked up laughing.  Honestly, there’s not much else you can do.  It wasn’t just the comical noise, it was her reaction of horror as she fled the scene of the crime.  When she looked back from the doorway before completely leaving, I was lost.  Whatever I was working on was forgotten as I let go of a belly laugh that I didn’t even realize I needed.  I laughed so hard I disturbed Morgan’s nap.

The hilarity didn’t end there.  Soon, Flattery reappeared in the living room.  That really wasn’t a surprise, because she really doesn’t like to be in the bedroom unless we are in there.  She much prefers the living room and always has.  She slowly approached the couch with a look of such caution on her face that I found myself snickering again.  Slowly, she approached the couch.  Her feet seemed pulled back to her favorite spot as if by some irresistible tractor beam that she could not resist.  When she got to the couch, her nose went into overdrive.

A Pop of Red -- Tales and Tails

A Pop of Red

She began sniffing all over the couch with intense suspicion.  I’m not sure if the smell lingered there or if she was just distrustful.  It’s unlike her to approach things with caution.  She’s usually a both guns blazing kind of girl.  She sniffed the couch for almost a minute, letting out a few snorts here and there, before she finally jumped back up.  She circled in her favorite spot, but just before her little butt dropped down, she thought better of it and went to the other end of the couch to curl up and lay down.

I am not sure what went through her mind over this particular little episode, but I know that it made me laugh all weekend every time I thought of it.  Sometimes, I guess the universe either thinks that you take yourself too seriously or recognizes that you need a good laugh and replied accordingly.  Sometimes, you surprise yourself, and sometimes you just make everybody else laugh, but it’s all good.

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2 Responses to "Sometimes You Surprise Yourself"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Thanks for the laugh:)

    Hope you have a good week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Vicky says:

    Oh my! This made me laugh too! I can just imagine the scene. Tippy has let one and then looked at me like I was the one that smelled so bad. It couldn’t possibly be her! LOL

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