Sniffing Things Along The Way

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Desert WildflowersI’ve been talking this week about my experiences at BlogPaws.  The entire experience was like a fairy tale for me.  I’d never have been able to go if I hadn’t been sponsored and I am so grateful that I got the experience.  I know that I won’t hesitate to go again next year, even though the timing of the event isn’t ideal for me.  One of my sponsors, who has attended several BlogPaws events before, said to several of us who were attending for the first time that “it is what you make of it.”  I understood that a lot more clearly after the conference was over, but I did my best to make the very most of my experience there, and I’m glad I did.

However, I didn’t want to come home and say that I’d never seen any of Salt Lake City outside of the hotel.  Fortunately, I have an online friend, Jan,  who lives near Salt Lake and I ran into Jodi of Kol’s Notes on Friday evening after the last session.  They both helped me to keep my balance and enjoy some quieter time in the beautiful city we were visiting.

City SpiresOne thing I love is outdoor art shows.  Jodi mentioned that she’d seen one just a couple of blocks from our hotel and that she was going to go up to look around and get some dinner.  She had me at art show.  Even though it was hot as blazes, I had a great time and I saw some sights that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I even found a small souvenir at the art show to wear home around my neck.  It was lots of fun to talk with someone who has a similar relationship with her dogs and her blog that I do.  I got to bed really late that night, but the lost winks of sleep were completely worth it.

The conference ended on Saturday night and my plane didn’t leave until 3:30 Sunday afternoon.  My friend in town agreed to come and pick me up at 11:30 to show me some of the sights of Salt Lake.  That was perfect timing since I had to be out of my hotel room by noon.  You have to love Greyhound people and how they all stick together.  It was a whirlwind tour, but Jan was determined to show me as much of the city as she could and she knew a lot of interesting facts about the city and certain landmarks.  She took me to a fabulous local place to eat (thanks for telling her to take me there, Lee) and even dropped me off right at the airport.  She even took a few pictures of me to prove that I was there.  After showing me as much of the city as she could, she dropped me off at the airport and made me promise to let her know if we were ever going to be back in town.

State Capitol of UtahI left Salt Lake City proud of myself that I’d seen some things outside of the beautiful Sheraton hotel.  Don’t get me wrong, the hotel was beautiful, but I don’t know when I’ll have another opportunity to see the city.  While I missed my dogs a lot, I also realized that I took a few of the lessons they’ve taught me along on the trip.

Painted BuffaloFirst, it’s more fun to travel in packs.  No wonder dogs are pack animals.  I felt a lot braver about exploring things when I wasn’t by myself.  It doesn’t have to be a large pack, and that wouldn’t work well for me anyway, but it’s a lot more fun when you have someone else to see things with.  Walking down the street, I felt safety in numbers and just a lot more relaxed.

This Is The Place MemorialSecond, it’s a lot more fun to take time to sniff around and take note of the details of your surroundings.  I think of all the times I tell Bunny that it’s been enough time to sniff around and get moving, and realize that she’s onto something.  Seeing the city with someone native to it was a way for me to see some fantastic details that I would have missed on my own.  Taking time out from the whirl of the conference was definitely good for me and a way to stay fresh and gain perspective.

Battalion MemorialMy conference adventure was a fantastic learning experience, and I’m happy to say that part of what I learned was about the city I was visiting.  I know that a lot of times it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of what we’re doing, but we need to remember to view things the way our canine companions would so that we can keep some perspective.  The benefits of living with dogs can enhance our lives even when we’re not together, which might be one of the very best things about sharing life with a dog.

One last thing I’d like to mention is that Pedigree is having a “Write A Post, Help A Dog” campaign again this year that runs from now until midnight on June 30.  For every post that a blogger makes that mentions the campaign, Pedigree will donate one 17 pound bag of dry food to a shelter, up to 450 bags.   All you need to do is write a post and then add your blog to the linky so they can keep track of  how many have been made.  It all goes to help hungry pets, which is a pretty good payoff for a few minutes of typing.Pedigree Postcard

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  • I’m so glad you got to explore the city. Sometimes, when we travel for a specific purpose, it’s easy to overlook that there might be other interesting things to enjoy too. Food is always top of mind for me!

  • I am so glad we got a chance to explore a bit together. The art show was fantastic and I would have been heart broken if had gone all the way to SLC and only seen the inside of the Sheraton! I definitely agree that BlogPaws s what you make it. I’m really looking forward to going back next year and havng a better idea of what to expect and how to get the most out of it!

  • I love the buffalo!

  • It all looks tremendous fun. Glad you had a blast! Deccy x

  • What a great experience! I’m glad you got to go to BlogPaws, visit the city and let us see how beautiful Salt Lake City is.

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  • It’s a beautiful city. Glad you got to see some of it. I travel to lots of cool cities for work, but I rarely go exploring unless someone is co-traveling with me.

  • sara, oreo & chewy

    The city does look beautiful…very clean! It is always fun to explore, and even better when you have a good tour guide 🙂

  • That is great you got to look around the City. We were so exhausted from driving that we didn’t get out….although we could have been persuaded if we knew a weiner dog friend there (ok. or ANY doggie friends there) 🙂

  • Pip

    That’s great that you were able to explore Salt Lake City. I’ve been to a few conferences for work and it is always so much fun to get out of the hotel and explore – especially if it is in a fun location.

  • Jen

    That is so great that you were able to take in some of the sites. When I was in Florida for the Eukanuba Dog Show, I wanted to go exploring so bad, but there just wasn’t any time and with the few spare minutes that I had I slept. I wish I could of taken a day to just go out and walk about!

  • Michelle

    I love my greyhound friends! So glad you got to explore while you were there too. I love hearing about your trip!

  • It sounds like you had a great time at- and outside!- of the BlogPaws conference! That “suitcase bull” statue looks so interesting… Is he actually covered in stickers?

  • I’m so glad you got a chance to see some of Salt Lake City. My only time there was passing through the airport on the way to Cody, Wyoming. Even though I set foot on the ground (we had to go out of the terminal and walk up the stairs to our little putt-putt flight), I can’t really count Utah as a state I’ve been to.

    Last year my X-Files friends were here in Chicago for the annual Con (it’s really just a small group of friends from various parts of the country who get together every year for a weekend to sit around and chat). We stayed out at a hotel near O’Hare, so I asked one day if anyone wanted to go see the city. I had two takers that I drove around downtown and along the lake and past the Sears Tower (yeah, no local calls it the Willis Tower). Though it was only a driving tour, both girls appreciated the opportunity to see it and take pictures. Several months later the one girl dinged me online and said thank you again, that it meant a lot to her. She’s got a nasty case of lupus and has been having trouble living a normal life. That just reinforced in me the idea of making the most out of what you can even if it’s difficult at the time, because you never know if that will be your only go around.

  • I have not been to Salt Lake City. It looks like a very nice place. Is BlogPaws held here every year?

  • Two French Bulldogos

    sure looks like a beautiful place. We have never been there..
    Benny & Lily

  • Thanks for posting about your fab city tour since I didn’t get out of the hotel… well except for one evening! Next time I’ll plan better (I’d like to stay for a week!) ! Your pics are beautiful!
    Diane and Cosmo

  • KB

    I’ve been gone for so long that your blog forgot who I am, and I had to fill in the blanks again!

    It sounds like you had tons of fun. I bet that the mountains outside Salt Lake would also be fun to visit, if you ever get to go back (that’s where the dogs would want to go!).

  • Oh how I wish I had been there to go exploring with you! I think it was brilliant that you took some time away to explore Salt Lake. I would have had to have stayed in the hotel due to the heat but I think you are right, when you never know when you will see a city again you did a super cool thing!

    On another note, I am DESPERATELY trying to find a way to follow you via email. I no longer go to my blogroll because it takes way too much time…when I can follow via email I am certain to read posts.
    Please help!

    • I just added the e-mail subscription option, it’s at the top of the blog now. It’s still in the trial stages, so we’ll see if it works in the morning. It’s one thing I’ve been wanting to add and I’m really excited about this, if it works out right! Thanks for reminding me I needed to get this going!

  • I love how you apply the things you’ve learned from your dogs to everyday life! They are quite right, of course, we need to take the time to smell the .. er .. .roses! I’m glad you got out and did a little bit of that while you were at Blog Paws. I bet it was an absolutely amazing experience.

    I’ve been super busy these last few weeks, but I’m trying to get a little balance back into my life myself. I’ve allowed myself to become way too wrapped up in this fundraising stuff. Talking of which, the Pedigree scheme sounds great,and I’m going to hop over and take a look right now!

  • It looks like you had some great weather. Glad you got outside and sniffed around 😀

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  • Jet

    Hey Bunny, Jet here. Hi Bunny’s Mom.

    Mom asked me to share that you wrote a beautiful post with great perspective.

    You are a wise Mom, no wonder Bunny is so special. 🙂

  • I just read all you Blog Paws posts. It sounds like it was a great experience. I’m not sure I could watch the 9/11 movie and hold it together. I’m so glad you got to go and enjoy the conference and the city.

  • That’s one thing about us dogs…. no matter how bad the day has been, we make it all better when we greet you!

  • I am so glad you got to explore a little of SLC. My sister and I did the same thing when we stayed with some friends there. It was wonderful to take the train into the city and explore. Beautiful isn’t it?

  • Lovely shots. Glad you got to enjoy your last day in town with a friend.

    I also enjoyed exploring SLC Sunday morning. But it was a strong reminder of what an East Coaster I really am. I kept feeling uncomfortable walking around a city where it was impossible for pedestrians to dominate the streets (unlike Boston, New York or Philadelphia).

    But it’s always fun to see a new place. And I loved the views of the hills from everywhere you turned in the city.