Sitting On The Sidelines

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Last weekend, Flattery started working on a new corn on her foot.  I know this because she’s started standing with her foot off the floor again and an inspection of her foot shows the tell tale signs of one starting again.  She’s also gotten very defensive about me looking at her foot again.

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Are You Coming

For that reason, I’ve been leaving her at home while I take my walks.  I feel awful about it, because I know she really wants to go.  I also know that sometimes you have to make tough calls for your pet about their health and well-being.  Even though she hobbles to the back door and gives me pleading eyes, I’ve decided that it’s better for her to take it easy until I can get the money for a Therapaw boot or get the corn out.

And thanks to our idiot neighbors setting off fireworks while we were right beside them one night, Bunny wants no part of walking right now.  Morgan and Flattery were unfazed by it, but Bunny was very unhappy.  She is better when we go somewhere else and walk, but walking in our neighborhood right now is not her thing and I haven’t pushed it too hard.

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Access Denied

Staying motivated to keep going by myself is a lot tougher.  I’ve finally gotten my foot pain under control for walks and I’ve been trying to stay moving.  Last weekend, though, I found myself not feeling too well as we got home Saturday night.  While I’d planned on getting my last 3,000 steps in on a walk when we got home, Mr. Taleteller convinced me to stay home.  It was the first time I haven’t gotten my steps in since I recommitted myself to getting in better shape.

It gave me a little more sympathy for Flattery who really wants to be able to go right now.  I may start letting her go on a short route with me and then take the longer route by myself.  Sitting on the sidelines is definitely not any fun.  It also made me decide to start pushing Bunny a little more to go with us.  Once we get past the spot where the fireworks happened, she’s actually very happy to go.  It’s just getting past that spot.  I don’t want her to miss out on the fun, either, and I think we can work past the issue with a little commitment.  We’ll see what happens.  I just know that sitting on the sidelines isn’t nearly as much fun as getting in the game.

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Penalty For Cuteness

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17 Responses to "Sitting On The Sidelines"
  1. Jen Gabbard says:

    Aw, having to sit on the sidelines is tough. It’s hard enough with one dog taking a break from her routine when she’s got an injury, I couldn’t imagine what her reaction would be if I left her at home. Such guilt. You’re doing it for her benefit though, it’s just a tough call to make.

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    I hope Bunny’s corn is soon gone so she can enjoy her walks. I used Lori Rose remedy for Polly’s corns. Check out her site

    If you decided to order, please quote ST007 as then a Greyhound charity get’s a little commission.

    Hope she’s also over the fireworks soon. Some people just don’t have brains.

  3. Sue Muir says:

    Asher can sympathise with Flattery as he’s grounded too. He’s hardly been to the beach in the past few weeks. First he cut his foot and had to stay home til that healed, on his second trip back to the back he made a mess of a toe nail. The vet cut it right back and it still hasn’t grown enough to protect the quick so no beach/sand for him yet.

    I hope you can find a way to help Flattery. So far I haven’t had any corns on my dogs but I know they’re not nice!

  4. It is tough to leave them home when you know they want nothing more then to go walkies

  5. Rachel Hopple says:

    We always dremeled our grey’s corns with a dremel. Worked very well. Operations didn’t work…corns grew back quickly.

  6. Mary says:

    Torrey would give me the glare if she had to stay home, but Roxy is pretty Ok with it some days. I hope you and Flattery feel better soon.

  7. Two French Bulldogs says:

    You are going to need a booty
    Lily & Edward

  8. Emma says:

    We have a pawsome neighborhood with the exception on one, Mom has named the village idiot. He set off the loudest boomers the other night, Mom was actually frightened as the house almost shook. He also has fires to burn his junk and likes 20ft high flames. Such a moron ruins evenings for the rest of us sometimes. Hope Flattery’s paw feels better soon.

  9. Poor Flattery with the new corn! I hope that you have no difficulty getting it removed! Are you going to remove it yourself, again? I was very surprised that you were able to do that before! Bunny, you need to plan revenge for the neighbor who let off the fireworks! Be sure to film it so I can see it!

  10. Sara, oreo & chewy says:

    What is it with peoples’ fascination with loud noises? Its one thing on the fourth of july or new years…but otherwise, its simply annoying!

    Glad Bunny is able to recover quickly and enjoy her walk after getting past that spot.

  11. Patty says:

    Try getting her to a grassy area to walk. Therapaws are great! I hope you get one soon. Joey wears his when we are on pavement or rocks, but if he is walking in grass he goes nude. LOL

  12. Jessica Rhae says:

    I never thought of dogs getting corns. Poor Flattery. Sorry about your foot too. I understand about dealing with a chronic condition that keeps you from being as active as you would like.

  13. M. K. Clinton says:

    Maybe she is getting sympathy foot pains for you. ♥ Corns are so painful. I’m sorry your neighbors set off fireworks. Geez! Bentley would be scared too.

  14. Jodi says:

    Sometimes for me once I skip a walk, it’s harder to get back in the game. But I so know what you mean about leaving them home. It broke my heart to have to do that to Sampson and even now on days when I take them for separate walks, he still barks when I leave. Delilah could care less as long as I give her a treat. 🙂 I hope Flattery’s foot feels better soon!

  15. Poor Flattery 🙁 Mauja has to sit on the sidelines frequently too because of her anxiety. Makes me feel terrible, but I know it’s what is best for her.

  16. genjiscorner says:

    Sorry Flattery. Stanley has corns too. When we walk any distance, we will put on his Therapaws. But he’s not used to wearing them, so he looks and sounds like a prancing horse, high-stepping everywhere. But when we pick out the corn, he limps even worse.

  17. Anna the GSD says:

    When it’s not a gabillion degrees we will get back to walking! I loves it! I hope Flattery gets on the mend quickly!!

    We know about making tough decisions for the good of your dog’s health. Mom and dad are making a hard one with Duncan (he’s okay though!) that we’ll be posting about soon.

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