Senior Moments

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This week, I have found myself really under the weather.   I gave in and called in sick so I could take some medicine, which I can’t do if I want to wake up when the alarm clock goes off and be a functioning human being.  I don’t know why, but my body has never been able to handle medication well.  Staying home to rest didn’t seem like a bad idea, either.

Staying home means that I have extra time to spend with the dogs, and to see them during their daytime routine, which usually consists of napping in various places.  Flattery’s naps just follow the sun.  She moves where the sun does.

One Heart -- Tales and Tails

One Heart

With Bunny, though, I’ve enjoyed some of her senior moments.  When I’m sick, I wake up to find her really close to me.  It’s not unusual for her to come back to bed with me, but when I’m sick, she absolutely has to be touching me.  Either her paw is on my arm, or her nose is pressed to my neck.  It’s her quiet reassurance that she’s got my back and things will be okay.

I’ve also noticed her working her charms on my husband more than usual.  After a trip outside to go potty during a cold and snowy or rainy day, she comes back in and stands by her princess bed looking at him meaningfully until he lifts the taco bed open for her so she can climb inside and then be tucked in.

The Heart Of The Matter -- Tales and Tails

The Heart Of The Matter

Her coup de grâce however, surprised me.  To make me feel better the other night, Mr. Taleteller volunteered to run over to Starbucks and get me a cold drink.  He’s that kind of guy.   Before he left, Bunny needed an extra bathroom break, so he took her back out.  Instead of going out, though, she made a beeline for her door into the car.  He didn’t tell me, he just took her along with him.  Then I got a text with a picture of Bunny sipping a puppucino.

I don’t know how those senior dogs do it, but they have a way of stealing those little moments with you and making them incredibly sweet.  They also seem to know how to get exactly what they want from you.  Maybe it’s years of experience and time together, or maybe they just gain wisdom with age.  Whatever it is, I cherish those senior moments like rare diamonds.  All dogs have their charms, but those seniors have a certain something that melts you.

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  • SGilbert

    Awww! Hope you are feeling better. The best medicine is your dogs and a great thoughtful husband to make you feel better.

  • Sue Dyer

    Hope you are feeling much better soon Carrie. So glad Bunny is keeping an eye on you.

    Honey isn’t a senior dog (she was 6 yesterday), but she has this expression that melts my heart and she knows she will get pretty much all she wants. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Vicky

    Sorry you are feeling poorly. Hope it isn’t the flu. That’s what is going around down here….lots of schools are closing for a few days so the children and teachers can get well. Bunny sounds like a wonderful snuggle bunny. And, they do learn how to get their way.