Search And Rescue Saturday–Unusual Things

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Here are a few unusual things.  From time to time things happen and seem completely normal as they happen.  But, after a few days when you are sitting down, thinking about your week, it all seems unusual.

K9 Redden works ladders-TalesAndTailsK9 Redden works ladders-TalesAndTails

K9 Redden working a ladder course.

First, there’s no secret that we do public relations events.  A few weeks ago Küster and I found ourselves sitting down and talking about technology within search and rescue.  Typically, our speaking engagements are with schools, Boy Scouts, search teams, law enforcement, dog groups, etc.  The list could go on.  But, this time we were at the table with a robotics team.  The group of boys, all junior high age, had met earlier in the week and they had compiled a list of questions.  We went though their questions one by one.  I must say I was starting to feel like I was at work on the witness stand.  They had done their homework and really had wonderful questions and ideas on how robots could possibly assist, if not now, in the future.  The Chief Editor, being a preschool teacher, has mentioned numerous times to me that many of the jobs young people today will be working have not been created yet.  After the group was finished with their questions it was time for snacks.  The Chief Editor’s words really echoed in my head as I watched and talked with the boys and their leaders.  The future does seem to look good.

Buzz --

Up The Ladder Over The Plank

Another unusual thing that happened this week was that I brought home scaffolding.  I was going to work and passed a local contractor that was having a moving sale.  As I was passing by, I looked over and saw two large pieces of scaffolding. so I stopped.  One piece was already sold but there was another not taken.  The contractor came out and we started talking.  After a bit he questioned why I was looking at this.   Most people would just be after a ladder.  I replied, “It’s for dog training.”  He responded that he had never heard that one before and we both had a good laugh.  I explained about part of a certification for disaster dogs, the agility piece, and talked about the testing.  He went on to say that his Lab was too lazy for that.  At the end of our conversation I bought the scaffolding for a very wonderful price and the contractor delivered it all the next day to our house.  Before you ask, he did get to meet Küster before he left.



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5 Responses to "Search And Rescue Saturday–Unusual Things"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Looking forward to seeing Kuster using the scaffolding you bought.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

    • We’ll get there but it will be awhile. I don’t do that much ladder work with him since there’s no ladders in his discipline. We do them so he is able just in case. I think that is safer for both of us.

      • Sue Dyer says:

        I suppose the more he can learn the less likely he’ll get into trouble if he’s suddenly confronted by something.

  2. SGilbert says:

    Awesome buy!

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