Search And Rescue Saturday — Summer Time Demos

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This past Saturday Küster and I found ourselves helping at ands area kennel club.  This kennel is one of the three that we have trained at in the past.  Every year the club does a rescue dogs day.   They invite local shelters and adoption groups as well as have demos of things to do with dogs.   McLean County EMA K-9 Operations was invited along with Normal Police Department.  The kennel club also did demos showing obedience, rally, and agility.  All in all it was a full day of dogs and fun.

The Whole Gang -- Tales and Tails

The Whole Gang

For our part the team introduced the three dogs that were in attendance and worked brief demos explaining parts of foundation work.  K-9 Otis, the Bloodhound who is young was at his first public relations event.  He did very well hanging out with the other dogs and just taking in all the excitement.

K-9 Buzz, the Golden Retriever showed off doing a demo of agility and knowing where his feet are.  He walked up and down our wooden ladder.  Buzz then went on to show the attendees his, “stay and bark” at the bark barrel.  After Buzz was finished K-9 Sula was brought out.

Buzz on the Ladder -- Tales and Tails

Buzz on the Ladder

She wowed the audience by showing off how well her nose works.  Four boxes were put out, with one containing a small source of human remains (HRD).  Sula was then sent out to indicate on which box contained the source.  Finding the source of course makes the crowd laugh.  Sula’s indication for her find is a down next to the where the scent is coming from. She is then rewarded.  This Redboned Cone Hound is renowned for her bay.  When she knows her tennis ball is coming she goes to town, loud and proud; waiting for her reward.  I must admit hearing her bay brings a smile to my face all the time.

Sula Scents the Source -- Tales and Tails

Sula Scents the Source

After Sula finished it was K-9 Küster’s time.  The Chief Editor dropped a cloth on the floor and went to hide in a hallway.  I brought Küster into the room showed him the cloth with a go find.  He did really good.  Tracking is something we have never tried indoors in a crowd.  Okay, he did stop to smell the ladies.  After a quick, “how you doing girls”  to a pair of Golden Retrievers laying down right next to part of the trail he went and found his person.

Küster Finds his Reward -- Tales and Tails

Küster Finds his Reward

All and all our team’s dogs showed the people watching the demo what they do best; use their nose.  Summer time demos aren’t just fun for the crowd, they’re fun for the dogs, too.  It’s a great way to practice their skills in a different environment.

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8 Responses to "Search And Rescue Saturday — Summer Time Demos"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    A great day, good for the dogs, handlers and the people watching.

  2. What an awesome way to spend the day!

  3. I like the whole idea, and it showed me a bit more of how great the dogs are and the training and their handlers. Thanks for taking the time to post about it!

  4. M. K. Clinton says:

    What a great way to bring attention to all that the SAR dogs perform. I also love to hear hounds bay. Kuster had to make sure the ladies were watching him be awesome! ☺☺

  5. That’s a very tough thing for Kuster to do with all those distractions. Way to go, Kus! I’d love to hear Sula’s bay!

  6. harrispen says:

    Of course Kuster stopped to talk to the ladies.

  7. Sara Blair says:

    sounds like a good time. good boy Kuster!

  8. Jen says:

    I hope to one day attend a demo like that! Intellectually, I know dogs are capable of A LOT, but I’ve never gotten to see tracking and nosework in action. Elka is very lazy with her nose; I’ve watched her step on a piece of cheese and be unable to find it. At least the rest of her brain works all right!

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