Search And Rescue Saturday — Do You Remember When?

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The other week after the attendees were finished taking their certifications and had left, our team was cleaning up and putting our equipment away.  One of my team members and I were talking about puppies, dogs and my plans for my next working dog.  During this conversation she asked one question that I thought would be a great blog post, “Do you remember the last time your dog was just a dog”?


K-9 Küster works a training trail

Lets Talk Dogs

As we learn more about dogs, dog training, and how to maximize the partnership between man and dog to benefit the search team, we seem to become more in tune with what we are looking for in the next dog.  But, I could use all that for another blog topic someday.

At first thought, it’s somewhat of a funny question to ask.  But, suddenly I noticed that I had to stop and actually think about.  Küster took me over a year to find.  I spent multiple hours on the phone or emailing with different breeder and K-9 handlers asking them questions about their dogs.  Then I needed to figure out what breed and breeder I would be working with.  I then started thinking about what actual “breeding” could produce a good working dog.  This is where you find out how good our breeder is to work with. We are lucky that Melinda knows her dogs and is willing to say wait for the next breeding if need be.


Little Miss K9 Oma

When my teammate Joan was looking at her K-9 Jesse I was able to go with watch while Joan did her testing to pick her new dog.  A few months ago, we made a team outing to help Kathleen with her pick of K-9 Oma.  Each handler has the same basic foundation of what we want in our dogs.  We each however, have a few little things that only we would like.

Even our Greyhounds (Bunny and Flattery) are selected with thought about what they will be doing.  As most of the readers of know the Chief Editor trains them to work as therapy dogs and with the READ program.  She currently does mostly nursing home and hospice work with Bunny while Flattery is learning the ropes.  But, if you remember when we went to the adoption kennel to meet the available Greyhounds up for adoption the Chief Editor had a list of things that the dogs had to meet.


K-9 Jesse learning a passive alert.

Back To That Question

Chris the Collie was a gift from Santa.  He was my first dog.  We hung out and took walks.  He was the first dog I learned how to teach those two basic commands of sit and down.  At the time I was too young to really have any real understanding of what a dog can do beyond those two basic commands.

Küster will be six years old.  He is not retirement age be any means.  But, as mentioned earlier, I am starting to think about the next dog, the next discipline and what type of partnership we will need to be successful beyond what Küster and I have working for us now.

K-9 Küster returns after finding him victim


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3 Responses to "Search And Rescue Saturday — Do You Remember When?"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    I could imagine you thinking your puppy will be a good search dog for missing/lost people, yet they turn out to be even better at another area. Would a handler retrain in that area, or would they search for another dog to do exactly what they originally wanted?

    Hope you have a nice weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

    • It really depends on the handler. Our team really tries go with what the dog excels at. Encouraging the handler to go with that. But, the handler also needs to enjoy what they are doing also.

      • Sue Dyer says:

        Thanks. I would think a handler would find it hard to give up a good puppy, no matter what it excels at. Sue

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