Search And Rescue Saturday — A Look Back

by Mr. Taleteller on

We made it.  It’s almost 2018, so let us look back at 2017. It is time for thinking about what we did this past year and Team Küster’s goals for 2018.  Wow, 2017 went by so very fast.  First, we did not have any health scares with the Chief Editor’s father.  If you remember we have spent the last two years in a hospital over the winter holidays.  Although this year, I made an appearance in a local hospital emergency room.  I will not go into it now.


K-9 Küster works a training trail

As I was thinking about writing this post for today I was trying to come up with a way to recap the past year.  Probably the biggest event was that Küster and I  took our re-certification tests for the Wilderness Area Search Discipline.  It went well. Küster rocked the long down so I was over the top happy with him.  It was still very stressful.   Looking Like A Grown Up


During the past year, we were able to assist SDONA (Search Dog Organization of North America) with numerous training events.  If my memory is correct we helped train other dog teams in four states.  What a learning experience!  That is definitely my favorite part of being a helper for SDONA.  I learn so much from being with the other K-9 handlers no matter how many years of experience they have worked their dogs.

Then there were also the searches and team training.  We have a good team.  They’re always ready and more than willing to help each other be successful.

McLean County EMA Search and Rescue K-9 Operations team

I hope everyone is able to have an enjoyable New Year’s holiday.  What is one of your resolutions for 2018?  Are you ready to take it on?  Next week we will discuss our 2018 goals.



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  • Sue Dyer

    Fab photo of Kuster on the tree trunk. The other black dog next to you in the last photo looks like a bigger Kuster. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • SGilbert

    Love the pictures…Kuster is a very handsome dog! Have A Happy New Year.

  • I love seeing working dogs in action! Great picture of the County EMA Search and Rescue K-9 Operations team – I pinned it to my “Working Dogs” board.