Search And Rescue Saturday — Cold Outside

by Mr. Taleteller on

It’s no secret that the Chief Editor and I have four dogs at home.  Three of them love the cooler weather.  One, Flattery, does not.  She just gives you a look that say’s baby it’s cold outside.  Now for my K-9 partner baby it’s cold outside is followed up with, let us play.  I believe this was inherited from his coming out of a Wisconsin kennel.  But you won’t find me complaining.  I tend to like the cooler weather also.

Küster In Orange -- Tales and Tails

Küster In Orange

There’s a funny thing that tends to happen.  It is somewhat of an inside joke in the search community.  Searches seem to never happen in “good” weather.  Take our team for an example,  the last few months have been slow for us.  That’s good, really.  But, within the past couple weeks the weather has been become considerably colder and we were deployed just last week.  It’s funny how that happens.

Scent and Cold Weather

Training in cold weather continues.  It must.  Like everything else continued training assists both the dog and handler.  Scent moves differently in the cooler air.  In our area of the country there is less vegetation for odor to become caught on, so scent pools could be larger due to more air movement.  Also, the K-9 works differently.  In my personal case, Küster is a little bouncier while he searches.  He’s enjoying the cold breeze while he searches.  He always looks happy but now he really looks happy.  He goes over the top when the snow comes.

Dashing Through The Snow -- Tales and Tails

Dashing Through The Snow

Lastly, don’t forget that the cold weather means handlers now have more layers on to protect our bodies from the weather.  Cold weather training lets us figure out how to we are able to move with the extra clothing keeping up with our K-9 partners who, if they love the cold weather, just may be moving faster.

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  • Sue Dyer

    Hopefully you can find the right combination of clothes to keep you warm, but also allow you to keep up with Kuster.

    Take care. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Sara, oreo & chewy

    I thought about you guys this week. We had a snowstorm and a couple young boys were missing. They found their footprints near a large snow bank, and had to call in the “dogs” as the kids were buried inside (sadly only one survived). There were also people missing in the Adirondack mountains….so you’re not kidding about having to be prepared to do a search in bad weather!