Search And Rescue Saturday–Obedience Class

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As most of our blog readers know the Chief Editor and I help teach the 4-H obedience class for our local 4H program and the kids who are working on completing the canine projects.  We have now been doing this for about fifteen years and it is something that we’ve enjoyed and really look forward to doing each year when the 4-H projects start up.  We also from time to time use our own dogs during class to either demonstrate a training tip or show positioning and what they and the dog should look like during various aspects of AKC obedience shows.

So what’s this; why I am blogging about 4-H dog obedience on Search and Rescue Saturday?  Well, Küster is in attendance off and on.

Concentration -- Tales and Tails


Here’s the plan.  Team Küster is working on adding a new certification this September.  Our agency will be hosting an Illinois State Workshop for the International Police and Working Dog Association (IPWDA).  Along with other certifications they will be offering Area Search.  We will be taking the Area Search test for sure.  We are planning on certifying in tracking and trailing also with IPWDA.  As part of the Area Search certification we need to pass an obedience test.  Now, you see where I am going with this week’s Search and Rescue Saturday.

I desperately need to train more with Küster in the whole obedience arena.  So when I am able, Küster goes to obedience class with me.  Admittedly probably not the best plan I have ever come up with but it works.  By doing this he gets more exposure to other dogs and people.  We are able to work on our basic obedience skills through demos and working along side the 4-H students.  We’ll see if the plan comes together.

In the past, Morgan was our demo dog, but we haven’t felt comfortable taking her along this year, and it’s nice to have Küster along.  Everybody likes him and he enjoys showing off his skills.  It’s not the big excitement of search and rescue demos, but the kids always enjoy seeing him work.  One thing you can definitely say about him is that he turns it on when it really counts.  Hopefully this means during our test this fall, too!

Taking The Treat -- Tales and Tails

Taking The Treat

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3 Responses to "Search And Rescue Saturday–Obedience Class"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Sounds like a lot of training ready for the various tests.

    Bet the kids love seeing Kuster strut his stuff.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    I think you and the editor and chief are so awesome to help with the 4th children in helping them with their own dogs. Learning young how to treat and handle a dog is so important,
    Good luck in your in working on your new certifications!

  3. Cathy C Bennett says:

    What an incredible pair you are!

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