Search And Rescue Saturday — RIP K9 Redden

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Today I bring the readers of very sad news.  If you follow the blog’s Facebook page you will know that this past Tuesday K9 Redden went missing from his yard.  After a large scale effort to find him, K9 Redden was found on Thursday.  He had been struck by a vehicle and killed.

Redden Working Rubble

We first met Redden back on July 25, 2015 in Search And Rescue Saturday – It’s a Puppy.  Since then he and his handler Kathleen have been vigorously training.  They had earned their International Police Work Dog (IPWDA) Disaster Search certification back in October 2016 and were working towards Disaster Search certification within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) system also.

K9 candidate plays

Let Us Play!

What’s To Come?

His handler has decided to start a handler training fund in honor of Redden.  “Sad news to report about my Seat 1D traveling partner. On May 30th Redden went missing from his yard. A large scale effort was made to locate him, including the offer of a $500 reward. He was found today and had been hit by a car. He did not survive. To honor the hard training and very special work he was destined for, the reward money has been donated to start the K9 Redden Memorial Disaster Dog Training Scholarship. These funds will be given to disaster dogs and their handlers to support their search and rescue training efforts (application details coming soon). If you would like to contribute to this fund, please visit our site.” (

K-9 Redden and Handler Kathleen

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this loved handler and fellow teammate.  Although Redden’s life was cut short he has had a tremulous impact on our lives.  This impact will continue on through his scholarship.




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  • Sue Dyer

    It’s always hard, but one so young and with so much potential is particularly sad. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • 🙁 This makes me really sad. <3 My love goes out to them.

  • SGilbert

    So sad! My prayers go out to Kathleen.