Search And Rescue Saturday Turned 4 Years Old

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Well, I have a big announcement for this week’s Search And Rescue Saturday.  A few weeks ago, Search and Rescue Saturday turned four years old.  I must say that as I type this now, 2014 does not seem that far back.  Unfortunately, each week while I’m trying to come up with different topics, it seems like forever. Funny how that works.  Anyway, I thought that it might be fun to look back at that first post.

The Chief Editor began the post with a paragraph.  An introduction to what was at the time going to be called Mr. Taleteller’s Saturday Post.  As quick as the wind changes direction in Illinois we quickly were renamed to Search And Rescue Saturday.  The rest is history.

The Original

If you read my answers in the Pet Blogger Challenge last week, you might recall that I mentioned that perhaps Mr. Taleteller should write the posts on Saturday.  To his horror, several people chimed in on the replies and expressed what a great idea they thought it was.  It was supposed to make less work for me, but you know how those things go.  Being the good sport that he is, my husband did write a post and then suggested that I edit it, revise it and come up with some pictures of it.  Without further ado, I present to you Mr. Taleteller’s first Saturday post.

Busted, there I was with my mouth open.  Busted, sitting in a moment in time when you’re going to say something but the brain is not firing. What did that fox say, “ba, ba, bu busted”, that’s what he said?  Why? You ask.  Well, I am married to a blogger.  When one is married to a blogger one must be up to date on what, class, all at once, the Blog.  Yep, Houndstooth, the author, happened to have picked the one day to not only pen something about yours truly in a post but also ask yours truly what he thought about the blog.  There I was.  Have I said, busted yet?

Is that Dad, writing a blog post?

The power of the pen, or in this case a laptop keyboard, is really amazing.  One sentence was entered in the post while Houndstooth was answering simple questions completing the 2014 Pet Blogger Challenge.  That sentence leads to several comments from regular readers.  That sentence left me sitting there looking like I had seen unicorns and they were now attacking.  “It may be time to make him start writing the Saturday post.” That was the mystical sentence that I speak of.  I could have been a boy named Sue and felt better about not having read that blog post.

Hope Houndstooth is joking.  I went to work with the urgency of Küster playing fetch with his favorite ball.  My brain started in firing thoughts like, I hope she’s joking, I can do this, holy cheese Batman (I just ate a cheese curd), and Squirrel!  So, as I type, I type this for Saturday’s post.

It’s like a train wreck! I can’t look away…

What does one write for this solo writing assignment that has been challenged? Houndstooth says, “Write about things you know.”  Okay, criminal codes the book of 1st Timothy, and training search and rescue dogs.  Those are things I know but will not pretend to be halfway knowledgeable about.  I’ll give you a short history lesson.  The subscribers and readers already knew how great Houndstooth is evolving as a writer and photographer but do they know the history.  I will attempt to not be dry.

March 9, 2009, a thought had been toyed with for some time about writing a blog around our dogs.  Houndstooth had done some research and found some free blogging websites. was born, hosted by BlogSpot.  The first entry was simple. It provided a quick background and a hope. It was the start of something interesting and good.  One day in the near future I will entice Houndstooth to copy her first post.  The blog’s Fifth Anniversary could be just the opportunity.  A big Scooby Doo fast forward and we are at February 28, 2011, the blog was growing in subscribers and readers and it was time to move to its own grownup web address.  We celebrated!  The title of the post was wonderfully written.  “We’re Moving.”  The all pink pages were changed, the header updated and the page was reworked.  It was a total blog makeover.  I also forgot to mention Houndstooth now had her own domain.  All this assisted in making the blog faster, brighter and more enjoyable.  Fast forward again and Mr. Taleteller writes his first Saturday post.

The power of the pen, and blogging, it’s been a wonderful ride.  The people we have met; the places we have seen, then add that our dogs have been involved in the vast majority of it and all has been extraordinary.  Keep up the great work Houndstooth!  Maybe I’ll try this Mr. Taleteller’s Saturday post again.  Not!

I can’t believe he got to write a post before I did!

It Has Been Fun

Yep, I actually didn’t think I would be writing anything after that post.  Four years later, I’m still typing.  There wasn’t a picture of my boy and barely a mention of search and rescue.  But just as I mentioned in that original post, continues to have growth and we hope to continue to offer our readers enjoyable content and pictures while we enjoy life with our dogs.

K9Küster heads back to where the subject is.

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