Search And Rescue Saturday–The Weather

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So I had a meeting yesterday afternoon. While waiting for the attendees I found myself answering questions about the dogs.  Most people who know me know that we have dogs.  Of course everyone wants to know what Küster has been doing and what are his weekend plans.  This time of year I hear a lot of,  “Wow, but It’s cold outside. What about the weather?”

Yep, There’s Weather

In a perfect world people would become lost on a seventy degree Fahrenheit day, during the day.  But, truth be told, in the last four years I have only been on two searches that I remember for a “live” missing person during the day.  All the searches have been in inclement conditions.  It’s cold or hot or probably raining.

Sula Catches the Trail

Working In The Snow

So what does this all have to do with search and rescue?  We train where we work.  We train in the weather when it’s nice out and when it’s at its worst.  Of course we make sure things are safe for both the K-9 handlers and their K-9 partners.

Learning Happens

By training in different weather conditions you learn a few things.  Climate affects your dog.  It also effects you.  I personally do not enjoy the hot humidity of the summer where we live.  The air can seem so thick it is difficult to breathe.  I enjoy the cooler weather.  But, knowing this helps me to prepare for future searches when the weather is not cooperating.  What do I need to do to make sure Küster and I are safe when we are out in bad weather.

Kuster in Orange

Setting Up To Start

We joke with Küster’s breeder that he is from Wisconsin and we know this by his love for snow.  He loves his job but in the winter he can sometimes be a little playful.  Early this week I ran Küster on a quick training trail over my lunch break.  I now remember that I need to let him get his ya-ya’s out before putting him to work.  During the summer he slows down a little.  We also need to take breaks and rehab ourselves by drinking water.

Call Me Crazy

Yep, probably.  You’re crazy. This is the look I typically get after telling others my plans for the weekend when the weather is not so favorable.  I say to each his own.  But, I also know that there are a few like minded people out there that are gearing up for this weekend’s training days no matter what the weather forecast is predicting.  Yes, it’s going to be cold outside for us this weekend.  Hopefully, nobody will really get lost in this weather, but it seems like the worse the weather is, the more likely somebody will get lost, so we’re off for training.

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8 Responses to "Search And Rescue Saturday–The Weather"
  1. You and Kuster do wonderful work, and even when the weather is horrible, it surely must be very rewarding to know that you will occasionally be instrumental in saving a life. And what a wonderful life for Kuster – dogs who are doing what they were bred to do, or a demanding and satisfying alternative to what they were bred to do, are the happiest dogs in the world!

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    You wouldn’t have signed up for S&R if you would only go out on nice days:) Hope you stay safe.

    Have a good weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. Amy Boyer says:

    It’s so interesting that Kuster is affected by the weather conditions much as we are. Brrr it’s a good thing he enjoys the cold because we’ve had plenty of that this winter!

  4. SGilbert says:

    Have a fantastic day! Thank you and Kuster for all your hard work in the S & R K-9. I love reading your Saturday blog. I am learning so much!

  5. Our local shelter just brought in a black GSD that looks so much like your Kuster. I hope he gets an amazing family like yours!

  6. The weather is tough so you have to be tough, both you and Kuster! Thanks for being tough in order to do the tough work!

  7. Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets says:

    I think it makes perfect sense that you would get out and train in the bad weather, to get yourself and the dogs used to whatever conditions you might encounter.

  8. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Training in the snow must be fun Kuster. You know you need to release a bit of energy before working
    Lily & Edward

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