Search And Rescue Saturday — RIP ChicoDog

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Today I bring the readers of very sad news.  After many years of working as a search and rescue dog and a few more enjoying retirement, K-9 ChicoDog died earlier this week.  Rest in Peace ChicoDog, Dec 24, 2002-Jan 8, 2018.

Our blog readers may not remember reading much about ChicoDog and they would be correct.  I have not written much about him to respect his handlers wishes.  But, in the early days of Search and Rescue Saturday you may have seen many pictures of him.  He was a wonderful dog. His looks were stunning and a joy to photograph.

Chico Dog On Duty -- Tales and Tails

Chico Dog On Duty

ChicoDog the dog, the legend

ChicoDog was a dog that had a storied background that most people would have thought was out of a movie.  If my recollection is correct, Chico was found on the side of the road in southern Illinois and picked up by his handler.  The bond was instantaneous.  At the time of retirement, ChicoDog was certified in Disaster and Wilderness Area search.  He was a dog that was trained and certified to work with two handlers.  The dog was just something else to watch work.

Chico Gets Ready -- Tales and Tails

Chico Gets Ready

During one of our fall team training sessions many years ago.  We used an old mental health hospital mostly known in our area for being haunted.  On the hospital’s property is an old cemetery which we also used.  During one of our training drills, ChicoDog was released to search and he took off at his usual fast pace.  Shortly after taking a turn to find his victim, ChicoDog ran head fast into one of the tombstones, bounced off of it and kept going.  We all just stood there hoping we didn’t break the concrete or his skull.  ChicoDog never seemed to notice.

Personally, ChicoDog is the model I hope to get my K-9 partners working level at.  I also know there are many other SAR K-9 handlers that use him as their model dog too.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to ChicoDog’s loved handler and friend.




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  • Sue Dyer

    Always sad when we have to let a fur baby go, but ChicoDog had a lovely life once he was rescued by his handler.

    Hope you have a nice weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Vicky

    Sounds like a wonderful dog that did great work, thanks to a rescue by a kind-hearted lady. May he rest in peace and my thoughts are with his human.