Search And Rescue Saturday — National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

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In our area of the country springtime brings on the storm season.  Storms around here are likely to bring flooding and/or tornadoes.  In other parts of the country there is a likelihood of wildfires and then we have our hurricanes a little later in the year.  This brings me to National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, May 13, 2017.  Which just happens to be today.  It’s funny how that works out sometimes.

Demo of K9 Working on

K9 Quinn Works A Rubble Demonstration for students.

Let’s face it, for most us our pets define our lives.  We do the best we can caring for them on any typical day.  But, what if you were faced with a disaster of some sort?  If you were forced to leave your residence for even just a week; would you be able to care for your pet?

Having some type of game plan and being prepared is a great step everyone can take to ensure that their pets are ready and cared for during a emergency.


K-9 Cranny shows the way. Handler Instructs The Boat Driver

Here’s a quick list of recommended supplies to have in a “to-go” bag just in case:

  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Extra leash or harness
  • Supplies for waste clean-up
  • A three to ten day supply of water and pet food.
  • Any medications and a copy of veterinarian records
  • Favorite blanket or toy

Others things to consider might be to have your pet micro chipped or use some type of ID collar.  Have an extra picture of your pet.  If you keep an extra folding crate this could be safe place for the pet.  Finally, have a plan for where you will be residing during a time of crisis and learn where a local veterinarian is nearby.  Then have a list of friends or family away from your area and have a idea of what hotel chains accept pets.

K9 Brennen Works

This Car Is Not For Riding In.

Remember, in most times of crisis or disasters evacuations will happen very quickly.  You will have to leave as soon as possible.  By already having a plan in place you can reduce not all but some of the your stress.  Lord willing, you will never need to use it other then updating supplies.





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  • Cathy Armato

    We are always prepared with an emergency GO kit for the dogs. In fact, they’re more prepared than we are, LOL! Thanks for sharing this important message. I love these Search & Rescue photos, I’ve never seen a S&R dog working on the water before – that’s really interesting!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • Sue Dyer

    I always have a human and a pet First Aid Kit in the car, along with leads and bowls. I would have to grab food and fill up the water bottles.

    Unless there was some kind of apocalyptic event I shouldn’t ever be flooded out, weather doesn’t usually cause problems here. Think about the only thing that would mean we have to leave our homes would be a terrorist attack. It’s unlikely, as there’s nothing in Norfolk (county I live in) worth terrorists doing anything. they’d probably go for major cities.

    Hope you don’t need to leave your home for anything. Sue, Polly & Honey