Search And Rescue Saturday — K9 Candidate Kona

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Okay fine readers of the blog.   A few short weeks ago I wrote about one of our K-9 handlers going to New York to see a possible dog.  The team had been looking for a new K9 partner due to his current dog washing out of the program. Today for Search and Rescue Saturday I would like to introduce the readers to a potential member for our K-9 team,  K-9 Candidate Kona.

Hi My Name Is Kona -- Tales and Tails (800x533)Hi My Name Is Kona -- Tales and Tails (800x533)

K9 Kona

It is always very exciting to have Kona with us.  She was re-homed when her former owner was unable to care for her.  She also appears to be catching on to her game of finding people.  We shall see.  Her handler, Rob has been coming to training for several months now and I believe he is a full member or very close to being one.

Anyway, back to Candidate Kona.  She is now nine months old and is a German Shepherd Dog.  Kona’s handler has decided to start Kona in the discipline of trailing.  She will work to certify in trailing and I think she looks promising.  I have to admit it’s been fun setting up the puppy trails.  I reminds me of back when I was starting Küster in trailing.  Once Kona is certified and has been trailing for awhile we will think about adding a second discipline.

Incoming Kona -- Tales and Tails (800x533)

K9 Kona starting a trail.

So what is she working now?  She is working on getting used to different surfaces, and socialization skills.  We have been training short and fun trails for her.  It is all really fun puppy games, loved by both dogs and handlers.  In fact, about twice a month many certified dogs and their handlers will still do a puppy game.  It gets everyone’s blood flowing.

Taking a

Working on Turns.

Here is to K-9 Candidate Kona and her handler.  We are all hoping for the best in this great adventure we love so much, K-9 search and rescue.

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2 Responses to "Search And Rescue Saturday — K9 Candidate Kona"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Kona is beautiful. Hope she makes the grade.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    How awesome! Kona is so beautiful!

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