Search And Rescue Saturday — K-9 Emergency Field Care

by Mr. Taleteller on

Last week the K-9 handlers on our team found ourselves training without our four legged partners.  We attended a K-9 Emergency Field Care class.

What’s Emergency Field Care?

This training was set up to train us and about twenty other K-9 handlers and medics on tactical first-aid and life support for search and rescue, police and other working K-9’s.


You are doing what?

The course was set up as a classroom for the first part of the day and then moved to a practical hands on.  Our instructor and licensed veterinarian first went over the general anatomy of canines.  Other topics were how to safely restrain and when to restrain.  We talked about K-9 CPR, hyperthermia and other trauma triage and treatment issues that could take place either during training or on deployments.

Just went we thought we learned enough our instructor went over bandaging and challenges of bandaging with the K-9 anatomy, subcutaneous fluids, placement of IV catheters and oxygen delivery methods.

Yep, There’s More

Class finally finished up with a hands on practical exercise and more information on drugs, doses, intubation, endoscopy and fluid delivery.


Looking at stomach contents

I will admit it was a wonderful training and I believe great timing to hold it.  When we’re coming out of winter just before the weather breaks and many teams start their summer training schedule, we need this kind of information.

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  • Vicky

    That’s a lot of information to retain, but great that they want you to be able to take care of your canine partners! Thank you for being a Search and Rescue team!

  • Sue Dyer

    Really hope you never need to use your training for an injured dog, but good to know you can if needed.

    Sue, Polly & Honey