Search And Rescue Saturday — In The Rain

by Mr. Taleteller on

Last weekend, we found ourselves in the rain in our area.  That’s right, we had rain and storms all weekend.  The weather forecast called for three to five inches of rain depending on where you lived.  Basically if you were a fish you were probably going to be loving the rain.

K9 Buzz working a search area for training

I began my Saturday morning with a omelet and a quick look through my Facebook feed.  Many  people were noting the weather and not that happy about changing their plans.  Other people were not going out in the rain and were planning on enjoying a lazy day inside at home.  Küster at I, well our plans were to meet at 9 am at a park.  A friend would be already hidden in the woods before our arrival.  As a side bar if you are a search and rescue K-9 handler it pays to have friends that are somewhat crazy.  They can’t be totally crazy because they are working with our dogs but just crazy enough.

K9Küster heads back to where the subject is.

It comes back to needing to train in the environment in which you work.  I would love it if people were to get lost only when the weather would be 70 degrees and clear skies.  But, as many in this field will tell you that typically does not happen.  Deployments happen when it is pouring down rain, at night, or freezing cold.  It’s just the facts.

K9 Candidate Jesse dries off after a search

So that is why our team found ourselves outside training in the rain.




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  • Sue Dyer

    Do any of the dogs wear coats when it’s wet and/or cold?

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Vicky

    Yes. It seems that disasters happen more in inclement weather than in nice weather. I had never thought about having to train in it, for some reason. Thank you and Kuster for all that you do.