Search And Rescue Saturday–Demonstration Of Nerves

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This past Thursday Küster and I found ourselves in front of a 4H group doing a demonstration.  It’s been a long time since I have been to a 4H club meeting. It brought back memories of my youth.  Yep, I’m a 4H’er.

Ready To Represent

Ready To Represent

So why my title?  Demonstration Of Nerves.  Public speaking is not my forte but, It is something that I have become comfortable doing.  That is unless things aren’t going quite right.  Here we go.

Thursday was a busy day.  I had taken a day off to assist with setup of a K-9 search and rescue training happening this coming weekend.  I had just returned back home and thought that I should check my flash drive which held the presentation.

I wanted to first, make sure the presentation was on the flash drive and second, go over it to refresh my memory.  We soon loaded up with the Chief Editor and headed out.

So if public speaking isn’t a problem, why the problem with nerves?  Here we go.  Küster was going to church.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Küster at church.  Church really was not the issue in this case.  I tend to get nervous about my K9 partner’s behavior during our public demonstrations.  Even though he has always held himself in check very well to date.

I find the large room in which the 4H club is meeting and I am able to set up with relative ease while the group of fifty 4H’ers and some parents are finding their way to tables.  Laptop, check, projector, check, flash drive…OH CRAP.  Nowhere to be found.  I search through my things one more time and still nothing.  So, quietly I run back to the car and inform the Chief Editor of my issue.  At the time asking her to bring the MiFi in so that I can use it to access my cloud drive.  Yes, lucky I had just copied this flash drive into the cloud.  But even knowing this was not helping.  I grab Küster’s leash and the three of us head to the room to begin.  I will add at this time that I was reminding Küster to be good while walking in.

Once inside I asked the Chief Editor to hold onto Küster’s leash.  Yep, my boy is now being held my someone else while I start the presentation.  I can only hope that he behaves for her.  More nerves for Mr. Taleteller.

We start up the presentation and off we go.  It’s the standard speech we use going the over the stuff that you fine readers of Tales And Tails have already heard and know.  I glance over towards Küster every so often, checking in on my boy.

Wow!  He’s sitting there.  Staring me down but, being calm.  I actually stop and need to refocus each time.  Yes, I should know that he would be good but knowing him I’m still surprised.   I hadn’t had to stop and bring him up to the front.  We will just say that his nerves are better then mine.

All Grown Up -- Tales and Tails

Yes, I can be calm. When I want.

Guess what fine readers.  Now it is time for the demo.  Yes, Küster was asked to demo.  I had decided to complete a fun “runaway”.  After explaining that a runaway is when the victim runs off while the dog is watching.  A runaway is one of the ways we begin training the dogs.  We begin.  The Chief Editor walks off, we are in church and my parents always said no running in church.  Küster is given his command.  Off he goes.  He finds his victim and returns to me.  Küster gives a big bark and turns to run back.

We do a little talk about what Küster did and decide to do a run away demo.  Küster is sent out.  I notice that his victim is not in the same place and I will add that I did not see her move.  The nerves kick in again.  Suddenly I notice that a woman is walking up the steps.  Küster sees her.  I mention that he may come back to me.  After all, when area searching he is not looking for a specific odor.  He starts going over in the lady’s direction but suddenly his nose goes up into the air and he turns.  Küster runs across the room and starts barking.  He completes his recall and refind and receives the reward.  My boy did good.

I sometimes do not give my K-9 partner the credit he deserves.  Here I was nervous due to many things that for whatever reason happened.  Küster just looked at me as if to say, “What’s your problem?  I’ve got this!”  While my nerves were frazzled during the demo, he and the Chief Editor were cool and calm.  I guess we balance each other out in that department.




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7 Responses to "Search And Rescue Saturday–Demonstration Of Nerves"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Of course Kuster had your back:) I bet everyone enjoyed th4e demo.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    Kuster you are an awesome boy! I am sure Kuster was very proud of himself along with you and the Chief Editor! Love your blog today…I like all your blogs you have done! Great job Mr Taletaller

  3. harrispen says:

    Maybe with this fine performance by Kuster you will be more at ease at your next speaking engagement. Way to go Kuster!

  4. Maryruth Ginn says:

    Good boy Kuster. And so handsome.

  5. Awesome just Kuster!! He’s so handsome!

  6. Geo Fizz says:

    Well done Mr. Taleteller and Kuster!

    Baggage. I hate Baggage. You know, the stuff you carry around based on your experiences. You know what Kuster can be like at times and because of such (baggage), you worry and fret that he may not work at his best. However, he is wholly aware that he’s putting on a demo for strangers and therefore wants to show off how awesome he is. Unfortunately, you forgot to drop the baggage and grab his proverbial confidence leash tight, which caused you to have a horrid case of nerves while Mr. Kuster showed off glowingly.

    I think that you’re fine with the nerves. Becuase, Kuster has his own personality and quirks and just about the time you stop worrying is just about the time he’ll misbehave. He’ll smell the change and pounce. 😉

    Well done Mr. Speaking isn’t my Forte!

  7. I have really enjoyed evading this! I’m glad that you had your presentation in the cloud, but I am wondering if you found the flash drive in a pocket after you got home!? Good boy, Kuster!

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