Salute To The Working Dogs

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Today is Labor Day in the United States, where we celebrate those who work.  To celebrate, most people who work get the day off, but some continue to serve and keep us safe, like those in the military as well as police and fire fighters.  Dogs who do jobs may or may not be taking the day off, based on what their job is.  Today is a salute to the working dogs and people who do their best to help make the world better for everyone in some way or another.

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I hope that whatever your plans are today, that you have a chance to unwind and enjoy the change of the seasons.  Labor Day also marks the unofficial end of Summer, although we often continue to enjoy it for a few more weeks.  Personally, I am not really ready to see Autumn arrive, but Bunny has had such a look of bliss on her face as the cooler, less humid weather has started that I can’t be too upset to see it here.  Whether you plan to hold on to the last rays of summer or are looking forward to pumpkin spice everything and changing leaves, the next few weeks are usually beautiful, so I hope you enjoy them.

Here’s to a day off, beautiful bluebird skies and time to enjoy something that you love today, whether it’s a cookout, a hike, sleeping in, reading a good book or taking a road trip with the dog.  Thank you to everyone who serves to make our country better and safer in these uncertain times.  And thanks to you dogs out there who often do the most important job of just greeting us at the door with a tail wag at the end of every working day.

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    Have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey