Raisin In The Sun

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Like many people in the United States, we’ve been enduring a small heat wave here at our house.  It’s odd because we’ve had such a cool spring, and then overnight we went from below average temperatures to over ninety degrees.  After all the rain we endured this spring, now we’re also suddenly in need of rainfall, too.  Mother Nature is a fickle creature, for sure.

The high temperatures mean we’ve had to be careful with the dogs.  Fortunately, our air conditioning works, and we’re able to stay in out of the heat for the most part.  There have been no taking dogs on errands with us.  If the dogs are going, then it’s an outing planned to include them with no other stops on the way, unless one of us is waiting in the car with them.

You Are My Sunshine -- Tales and Tails

You Are My Sunshine

Bunny is completely down with this plan.  If we could air condition a turn out pen for her, so much the better.  In her mind, we ought to be fanning her little body as she moves from one place to another.  I suspect she may place ads for cabana boys if I don’t keep an eye on her.  She waits until the last second to ask to go outside, so I have to keep a close eye out, because if she walks through the kitchen, you’d better be right behind her.

As soon as Bunny gets me moving to take her outside, Flattery is right there with us.  I know that a young, healthy dog does not need to go out as many times as a senior dog with a weak bladder.  Still, I often humor her and take her out with us, too.  The heat wave has created a new little monster, however.  Flattery has decided to be our raisin in the sun.  She goes out and heads right for the back of the pen, then lays down to bake in the sun.  I cannot fathom why she does this.

The other day, we had just such a scenario.  In the middle of the day, when it’s the hottest it can be outside, Bunny decided she needed to go out.  I slipped on my shoes and headed for the back door, and Flattery was right behind us.  I hadn’t experienced her midday attempt for sun baking yet this year and while I didn’t think she needed to go potty, I figured it wasn’t going to hurt anything to take her out, either.

Sun Bather -- Tales and Tails

Sun Bather

Since Bunny doesn’t like the heat, she got done taking care of business right away.  It might have been a land speed record for her these days, as a matter of fact.  She takes getting back to the air conditioning seriously.  I opened the gate, snapped her leash on, and looked for Flattery.  There she lay in the far back corner of the pen.

I called her and she turned to give me a face that managed to convey surprise.  It was as if she couldn’t possibly fathom why I would be calling her name.  No matter how I said it, she would not get up.  I ground my teeth, glad that at least most of our neighbors work during the day and weren’t around to witness the spectacle.  The last straw was when I called her name and she flopped over completely.

I took Bunny inside so she wouldn’t have to endure the heat.  I paused in the back hallway and took a few breaths, then I went back outside to collect my errant black mischief maker.  She had the gall to look surprised to see me back, and I got the distinct impression that she might have actually dozed off for a few seconds.  I called her again and barely got an ear twitch, although she did sit up.

Sun Worshiper -- Tales and Tails

Sun Worshiper

Finally after looking at my face, she took her time getting up, then stretching, before sauntering over to me.  It’s like she knew just how far she could push her luck before I lost my nut.  At the top of the stairway, she turned, gave me a little kiss on the face and then went into the house.

I’m glad we don’t have a dog door, because I’m afraid that Flattery might literally bake herself into a husk if she had the opportunity.  I hope that this heatwave breaks, not only so we can get out and enjoy a little fun, but also so Flattery can end this little standoff.   Unlike our other dogs, she has an air of mystery about her so that I can’t always tell what she’s thinking, but I suppose that’s half the fun with a dog like Flattery.

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6 Responses to "Raisin In The Sun"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    My two girls don’t like the heat.

    Hope you all have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Vicky says:

    This is funny. Tippy loves the air conditioning too, but, there are days when it is hot and she’ll go lay directly in the sun. Like you, I have no idea why she does it. I just let her be, because I know that she will get in the shade when she gets too hot, eventually. Love the pictures of Flattery. She’s turning into a pretty good little model.

  3. Honey used to like to lie in the snow. I could have written a very similar post to yours about a typical winter day. 🙂

  4. SGilbert says:

    Ha Ha! I have a dog that loves to take a sun bath. We have a doggie door. When he gets to hot gets up and come inside. The heat must feel good to them. Have a good week. Love your stories.

  5. Jodi says:

    Oh Flattery….she reminds me so much of Delilah.

    My dogs do the sun baking thing too, and I don’t get it. They are panting like fools, yet still lying in the sun.

  6. Re Lindahl says:

    My Lily is the same way. Burr hates the heat. He came from Wisconsin so I suppose that he is used to the cooler climates. Lily, on the other hand, is my little Florida girl and she loves laying out in the sun. Usually in a dirt spot. LOL!

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