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I was thinking the other day about our dogs and their personalities.  I love how unique each of them is and what each of them bring to us and our little group dynamic.  Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that they aren’t a little human with the things they do.  We all know a dog who is quite the character, sometimes a character larger than life.

For a long time, I’ve imagined Bunny as Grace Kelly.  She’s the sweet blonde with the regal manners.  Even if she wasn’t born a princess, she was born to be one.  I never worry about Bunny when we go out places because I know she’ll be polite, well behaved and dignified.  That’s not to say that she never acts like a dog, but for the most part, her behavior is pretty predictable for me and for the other dogs, too.  You rarely have to wonder with Bunny.  What she wants and thinks is usually pretty clear and obvious.

Elegance and Grace -- Tales and Tails

Elegance and Grace

Then there’s Morgan, who is a bit like Calamity Jane.  She’s completely unapologetic for who and what she is.  On top of that, she’s fiercely loyal and more than a little crazy.  Morgan would give her life if she had to to keep us safe from someone else, but for all her bluster, she also has a huge soft spot.  Her heart is like a giant marshmallow and she lives for her cuddle time with Mr. Taleteller.

Morgan Surveys the World -- Tales and Tails

Morgan Surveys the World

We have Küster who comes across like a cross between a rock star and a cowboy.  In one moment, he’s down to Earth and completely laid back, and then in the next, he’s all swagger and cock of the walk.  He doesn’t have to be known for being good, because he knows that he’s good.  His confidence is something that I envy.  When it’s time to relax and hang out, he’s a good old boy, but when it’s time to work, he is all business.  His focus is truly something to behold.

Through the Tall Tall Grass -- Tales and Tails


Lastly, we have Flattery.  If she were human, she’s be Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett.  She’s pretty, but what you’ll always remember about her is how much she made you laugh.  Flattery loves to love us, but she is also a natural comedienne.   From the first day when we picked her up, she has been making us laugh.  Sometimes we laugh at her, but most of the time, we’re laughing with her.  As long as everybody is happy, Flattery is happy.  I honestly can’t imagine a person who wouldn’t be entertained by most of her antics.

Dreamer -- Tales and Tails


I know that a lot of people dislike anthropomorphizing pets with human traits.  I always remember that our dogs are dogs first and foremost.  It’s why I like them so much more than most people.  However, it’s also clear to me that our dogs do have their own personalities that make them unique.  Otherwise, any human could choose any dog and never have a problem, or a favorite.  We find a perfect match because both human and dog bring their own personalities to the mix.

And now, I’m curious.   We all have our own ideas about our own pets.  So tell me, if your dog, or other pet, were human, who do they remind you of?

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3 Responses to "Quite The Character"
  1. Re Lindahl says:

    Burr would probably be Rowan Atkinson. He’s a big clumsy, lovable, goofy guy. When you see him walk from behind he looks like a bow legged cowboy with his long legs. He gets into things sometimes but not really on purpose. He is always knocking things over with his big nose and his long whip like tail. (We have had many cases of happy tail)! He tries to be careful most of the time but when he gets excited he just totally forgets how big he is and pays no attention what around him while he’s jumping and wiggling all over. There is no way you would know he’s now 10! He still is the same happy, bubbly boy that I adopted 8 years ago when he was 2.

    Lily is my sweet little princess that isn’t afraid to get dirty when it means having fun. I imagine she would be like how I think Catherine Zeta-Jones would be like. She a beautiful girl and pretty laid back and proper for the most part. But when she decides that it’s time for some loving she’s not afraid to push her way in to get her fair share. She loves the warmer weather and getting her tan on in the yard. When she’s ready for a cool off she kicks up some dirt in her favorite hole under the bushes and rolls around before settling down. She’s not big on stuffies or toys, but when the occasion hits her, and it’s time to do zoomies and spins in the backyard you better watch out or you might just find yourself swept off your feet. The only thing that gives away her age is the greying of her face. Otherwise, this 9 year old princess is not letting anything slow her down.

  2. You have quite a unique crew there Carrie! I can totally see Bunny as the canine version of Grace Kelly! She’s so elegant and dignified. My dogs always remind me of Marcia Brady and Jan. My Husky Icy is the beautiful big sister people stop on the street to ooo and ah over. Little Phoebe, as adorable as she is, often gets overshadowed when she’s next to her big sister! Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA!! BOL!

  3. hello houndstooth its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada likes to say i am woody allen dog i am not shoor hoo woody allen is but i am shoor he must be sumbuddy big and strong and handsum and not at all noorotic rite??? rite???


    ok bye

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