Puppy Power {Of Amnesia}

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Sometimes, it seems like just yesterday that Küster was a wild little ankle nipper at our house.  Other times, it’s hard to believe that he was ever that little.  When we were enduring his puppyhood, I had a theory that puppy breath contains some powerful amnesiac abilities that make humans forget about all of their horrible misdeeds.  This week, I was reminded about just how strong those abilities are.

Bow Down To My Powers Of Cuteness -- Tales and Tails

Bow Down To My Powers of Cuteness

I hope that everyone out there knows that you can’t go into sharing life with a puppy lightly.  Sure, there are tons of cute pictures out there of puppies all over the place that glamorize the experience, but the reality is a whole different set of cat’s pajamas.  Küster was convinced that I tasted like chicken and he was taking bites out of me for months.  People advised me that if I yelped and acted hurt, he would stop biting.  Ha ha ha!  That just sent him into a biting frenzy.

He tried to train us to let him out of his ex-pen by pooping in it, thinking that would mean I took him out and let him run around while I cleaned up the mess.  I would take him outside and walk and walk and walk around with him and he wouldn’t go.  He saved that for inside so I’d have to turn him loose and clean up.  It took a month of frog marching his furry bottom over to a crate and leaving him in there while I cleaned up to convince him that it was not going to fly.

My Ears Are Spectacular -- Tales and Tails

My Ears Are Spectacular

I could go on and on, and there were certainly a lot of funny stories during his growing up years.  He taught me that having puppies isn’t for sissies.  I also thought that having gone through the experience, I’d developed some immunity to puppy cuteness.

A good friend of ours got a new German Shepherd puppy last week and we got to meet her on Monday evening.  They haven’t decided on a name for her yet, but I have a feeling that Quest is going to win out.  Our friend brought the puppy on Monday night to our small dog obedience class to give her exposure to new people and places.  When she asked us to go out and bring the puppy in, my husband could not get out there fast enough.  I will admit that I wasn’t far behind him.

You May Address Me As Your Highness -- Tales and Tails

You May Address Me As Your Highness

I’m not going go lie to you, this puppy is ridiculously cute.  She’s a busy little body, but incredibly smart.  Already she knows that sitting gets her a lot of attention and treats.  This puppy knows that she can train everyone in the room to adore her cuteness in no time. My husband, the man of the stone heart, looked at me and gushed “I want another puppy!”  I was so busy admiring Quest’s cuteness that it took a few minutes for the anomaly of the words to sink in.

In a matter of minutes, we were both helpless against the puppy’s powers and had forgotten all about any bad things Küster had ever done.  That puppy breath is potent stuff, I tell you.  I was almost ready to kidnap her and bring her home, but it turns out that her human is already pretty attached to her.

After class was over, we waved good-bye to the puppy and then went off to console ourselves with some ice cream.  We came home and four former puppies were all happy to see us, greeting us with mostly good manners and wagging tails. Nobody even tested to see if I tasted like chicken and the comfortable reality of life without a puppy began to sink in.  I am glad that we’ll be able to visit Quest from time to time and see her grow up, but I am also glad that nobody is going to be chewing my shoes, biting my ankles or trying to teach me new tricks for a while.  The next time we visit, though, I’m taking a gas mask, just to be on the safe side.

No, I Will Not Show You My Ears -- Tales and Tails

No, I Will Not Show You My Ears! Unhand Me, You Ruffian!

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  • Reilly & Denny Cowspotdogs

    the power of puppy – I must admit I often regret joining dog groups on facebook – the constant barrage of new puppies drives my ‘need a new puppy’ into over drive. Is there anything better in the whole world then that puppy breath

  • Sue Dyer


  • Ha! That (gas mask) sounds like a good tactic! She is adorable — and I bet she’ll be an adorable handful soon. As you well know, one of the challenges of high-drive shepherds is that it takes them (too) long to lose that puppy energy… Eden just turned 1 and is showing no sign of slowing down or maturing… 🙂

  • Christine Sterling

    Oh puppies – I miss them! I love having rescues, but sometimes, a puppy really does your heart good.

    Monty and Harlow

  • Casey the Boxer

    Oh, I LOVES puppies! They’re so much fun to play with and chase and wrestle and play and play and play! But then they go HOME and I get to sleep. That’s the BEST way to have puppies.

  • Oh my, all that cuteness. And i agree, puppy breath has SOMETHING in it. LOL

  • harrispen

    You had me going there for a minute thinking you had an addition to the family. She is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you share more puppy pictures of her as she grows up. I probably would succumb to the dreaded puppy breath and kidnap her.

  • Emma

    I love her dark collars. We ran into a German Shepard puppy on our walk this morning, so cute. Mom says puppies are the best, but having one this past year does remind us all how nice it is to have dogs that know the ropes around the house. A puppy is a blast and we will do it again at some point, but it is a ton of work too.

  • I agree that puppies are addictive, but destructive! This was so much fun to read and the pictures are great!

  • Maryruth Ginn

    Safera is a 7 and1/2 month old Saluki. I have really enjoyed watching her grow since March 23 when we picked her up. But, you are correct. Seeing the princess mature and behave like a smart, grown up girl is certainly rewarding. I have the puppy pictures and that’s good.

  • This story really made me smile. What an adorable puppy! ♥ I agree though that raising one is NOT for sissies. Last time I had a puppy was 1992, so I’m definitely out of practice. One of my friends acquired an Australian Cattle Dog puppy a few months ago and she’s completely exhausted all the time. Similar to having a human baby in some ways. LOL

  • M. K. Clinton

    I could not agree with you more! We forget how much mischief comes in those adorable puppies. I suffer from severe puppy envy the moment that I see one. I love the name Quest. I must admit that now that we are both home full-time, I want a puppy. We just have to wait until Pierre moves home with my daughter this fall. Then, my puppy nagging will begin! hahaha!!

  • Dory and the Mama

    LOL….oh yes….the power of puppy breath, that must explain how I ended up with four dogs! I also think that is the number it takes in order to become immune to puppy cuteness!!

  • Jodi Stone

    Oh the puppy breath. I miss that so much!! I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. God help me.

  • Sara, oreo & chewy

    Oh puppies……..cutest things on earth, but boy are they a lot of work!

  • Ahh puppy breath! Gets me every time.

  • Quest sure is incredibly cute!!!!! You’re right that we all forget the hard parts really fast. R thought that I tasted like chicken too, when he was a puppy. I have a part of my hand that I can’t feel very well due to my neck problems. So, when R drew blood from that part of my hand, I didn’t even know it until I saw it. Well – now, 6 yrs later, I have scars all over that section of my hand from R…. Yet, I would do all again in an instant!!! And your photos of Quest certainly cemented my need for another puppy into my brain!!!!

  • I always remember how Soda chewed a pair of my shoes and then when I replaced them, she chewed that pair as well! She was SO adorable as a puppy, but I have to say my favourite years have been the recent ones with her as a senior, we just know each other inside out and it’s a bond I’ll always have in my heart.