Puppy Dog Eyes

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This past Sunday found Mr. Taleteller and I taking a road trip with Bunny and Morgan.  Our plan was to stop and do some hiking on a National Trail, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  We also drove through Rock Cut State Park and I am dying to go back there for more hiking.  Hopefully on a day that is not pelting down rain.

The reason we took the trip was to meet the breeder that Mr. Taleteller’s Search and Rescue puppy will come from.  I knew there was an available puppy there, and I was secretly hoping that Mr. Taleteller would really like her, but he has his eye on a litter that is supposed to be born in October.  So, we were going to meet the parents of this litter and talk with the breeder and get to know her.  Still, I just knew when he met this puppy, that he’d fall for her and be as excited as I was.

Angel, Expectant MamaShe’s got a good record for breeding Search and Rescue German Shepherds, and for knowing what the dogs will be good at.  My impression of her was that she was a nice, genuine dog person, too.  I felt like she really knew all of the dogs.

We met the parents of the impending litter and they were very sweet.  Then we met the remaining puppy from her most recent litter and I was in love.   I honestly believe she is the cutest German Shepherd puppy ever born.  We met her father, who is currently working as a Search and Rescue dog, and I was in love with him, too.  I’ll be honest, I know that color is not the most important thing when choosing a dog, but I am smitten with black Shepherds.   Here was an adorable and perfect little GSD who was also black and had great potential for SAR.   I turned the puppy dog eyes on Mr. Taleteller.

Buzz, Father In WaitingFriends of the internet, the man has a heart of stone.  He already has his ideas about this upcoming litter.  He told me the puppy I was in love with was supposed to only be good for obedience.  We left without her.  Apparently, all that is required of me during this puppy search  is that I come up with a creative name.  I don’t get any sort of voice in which puppy we bring home.  He blithely bragged about his heartlessness as we left and headed home.

After we got home that night, Mr. Taleteller sat down with a peanut butter sandwich.  Soon, he was surrounded by four eager dogs, all gazing longingly at his peanut butter sandwich.  I may or may not have been sulking by myself over on the couch with the laptop while events unfolded.

Mr. Taleteller:  Go on!  I am NOT sharing my sandwich!

Lilac:  I’m old and frail.  I need extra to eat to keep up my stamina. *turns on puppy dog eyes*

Mr. Taleteller:  Oh, well, you’re old!  Here, have a bite!

Blueberry:  I love you!  *bats eyelashes and gazes at him with unbridled adoration*

Mr. Taleteller:  Oh, well, you’re my girl!  Here, have a bite!

Morgan:  I’m your favorite Shepherd!  *licks chops and turns on the Shepherd version of the puppy dog peepers*

Mr. Taleteller:  Oh, you are my other girl!  My best Shepherd!  Here, have a bite!

Bunny:  I’m adorable and I’m willing you to share that with me!  *gazes at him hypnotically*

Mr. Taleteller:  Well, who can say no to The Bunny?  Here, have a bite!

Immi, The One Who Got AwayClearly, I am doing something wrong when it comes to the application of the puppy dog eyes here.  I am going to have to study and take lessons from the masters, or mistresses as it were.  It did not help the situation around here when the puppy I fell in love with was sold yesterday — to become a Search and Rescue dog.  Don’t worry, I’ll be plenty immune to Mr. Taleteller’s puppy dog eyes this winter when he’s trying to con me into taking his puppy outside during housebreaking.

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34 Responses to "Puppy Dog Eyes"
  1. Jen says:

    Oh God, is that last picture the puppy that you left there? That he left there?! Your man really does have a heart of stone. They do get ideas in their heads, though, don’t they? 😉 Tell me, did he have any sandwich left after he divvied out all those shares?

    I think Search and Rescue sounds amazing, and I really respect the people who devote their time to it. While the training fascinates me, I know that personally, I’m not devoted enough to keep up the human end of things (first aid certification, etc).

  2. Declan says:

    Oh that must have been hard leaving him behind. Mum says she daren’t go anywhere if there’s dogs needing homes involved otherwise we’d be overflowing. Yeah well…. as long as she doesn’t love them as much as me.. hehe! Deccy x

  3. Declan says:

    Ps. I forgot to say that I think Bunny is the prettiest girl that I’ve ever seen and I think I’m falling in love. I’m honoured to be your friend. Love & licks Deccy x

  4. Sue says:

    What is it with dogs and Peanut Butter?:)

    I am sure the puppy you get will be even cuter.

  5. jet says:

    hahah you need to let him choose the dog, she’s supposed to be his dog 🙂

  6. BZ Training says:

    Seems to me you should be equally hardhearted as you send Mr. Taleteller off to the sofa. Humph.

    ps. I hope he’s careful what he wishes for. Remember that first and foremost, you need a dog you can live with, and who will get along with your pack. Extracurricular activities are cool, but not if the dog has so much (drive, persistence, focus,… whatever) that you can’t stand to be around them, or they are “too much dog”, or they can’t be around your other dogs. Seen it happen to extremely experienced dog owners with pups from extremely experienced breeders. They picked “career” traits over “compatibility” traits and ultimately had to give up their chosen activity because the dog was unmanageable.

    DS: Construction?

  7. That puppy is gorgeous. I hope there is something suitable in the October litter or Mr T might be kicking himself … and you’ll have fun rubbing it in;) Is Mr T hoping for a male or female or doesn’t it matter?

  8. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    OMG, that puppy is gorgeous! How could Mr T pass her up?

  9. Squirrel!! Over there.
    As for the peanut butter sandwhich, I had to remake another one.

    Mr. Taleteller. (aka Mr. Heartless)

  10. Maybe he likes hair…. stop shaving. 😉 Looking forward to some S&R training posts. 🙂

  11. Pip says:

    I find peanut butter sandwiches are a great way to bring families together and make important decisions (like who gets the last bite).

    Your pal, Pip

  12. What an adventure! That puppy is adorable and the resulting post hilarious. All I can think of is all the new, funny posts you’re going to treat us to with a puppy in the house. Oh boy!

  13. hisqueen says:

    It must have been very hard for him to leave the puppy behind even if he was acting heartless. I know that after our Max died, I was pretty heartless when it came to looking at puppies. We actually turned in a few applications but I didn’t like the way the rescue group was handling our adoptions so I ended up turning them down. It upset the hubby but I knew I wouldn’t be happy. When we finally found Mikey, I knew it was the right fit.
    I agree with BZ. Make sure you take Bunny and Morgan to check out those pups first. I would hate to have you bring one home only to find out Morgan wants to eat her/him.
    Definitely make Mr. TT take that pup out, especially on those less than pleasant -degrees nights.

  14. Karen says:

    Oh what an adorable puppy!!! And yeah…..I wouldn’t be in a hurry to take his new pup out on those nasty winter days either!

  15. Patty says:

    If you take the puppy now, it will be housebroken before those cold winter nights. I’m just saying. 😉

  16. Frankie Furter says:

    I just do NOT know how HE could leave the puppy… At least HE did share the PB sammich.

  17. Michelle says:

    Yea, the puppy dog eyes don’t work here either. Isn’t it amazing how they can always give in to everyone else, but us? That pup is pretty cute.

  18. Tucker's Mom says:

    OOH, PUPPY! We can’t wait to see how this unfolds! Kudos to the girls for getting their share of the sandwich!

  19. Barbara says:

    ARG! He DOES have a heart of stone! I could not have walked away from that puppy!

  20. Anna the GSD says:

    OMG it must be an evil daddy thing. When we fostered an adorable pup dad was like “Don’t even think about it!” and when mom sees cute puppins and stuff out, he’s like NO! But he can’t refuse me and my eyes, so I get pizza crust. I guess that’s not the same thing as a puppy though..hmm…..

  21. I’m with you, I had to keep doubletaking at that photo. I didn’t realize they are born with floppy ears. Do they stand up later as they grow?

  22. Shine Jake says:

    *overloads from the extremely cute picture of the puppy*

  23. Oskar says:

    Wow, that is a beautiful shepherd! We’ve never seen one with that coloring & it’s pawsome.
    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. gyeong says:

    Did he have his eyes closed the entire time he was there? That is one adorable puppy. The Black GSD’s definitely look cool.

  25. Terrorzinhos says:

    What a cute puppy!!!
    How can someone resist to those eyes??? =))

  26. Mango says:

    Oh that Mr. Taleteller is so unpredictable…. NOT! All giving everybody the peanutty butters.


  27. Geez, those shepherds are gorgeous. I’m afraid I would succumb to the puppy dog eyes. That pup would have been in my back pocket in a minute.

  28. Jen says:

    I don’t know how he could of said No to that cute puppy! Maybe you need to sit next to Mr.Taletellar and drool a little bit, Just let a little bit of spit drip down the side of your mouth, then rub it on his arm! I am sure that will work!

  29. Chandra says:

    Oh, cold as ICE! Mr. Taleteller had better starting grilling his peanut butter sandwiches to warm himself up a little!

    Black Shepherds are so beautiful. I’m really excited for your pup’s arrival. October is just around the cold-hearted corner!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

  30. You are just too funny – that little puppy is so precious:) At least you are going to be able to pick a name. Lightning is “Dad’s” dog (what exactly does THAT mean?) but the Momster had no control over his name – which explains that very strange hard-to-spit -out name. We can’t wait to see the rest of this unfold.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  31. Pup Fan says:

    Oh goodness… we could probably all use some tips from the masters!

  32. KB says:

    Oh my goodness, how could anyone say no to that puppy? The eyes, the ears, the obvious inquisitive and mischievous spirit. I agree with you Mrs. Taleteller!

  33. Kristin G. says:

    Nobody can withstand the powers of puppy dog eyes!!

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