Panic At The Drive Through

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I’m starting to think that I may need to start a go fund me page to get a webcam for Mr. Taleteller’s car.   There are some things that are just too funny not to share, and laughing about them makes other things easier to live with.  It’s true that this story would be funnier if there were video to go with it, but you’ll have to make due with my words.  I will simply start this tale by promising you that everything I’m about to tell you is true, and I just cannot make this stuff up.  Welcome to our life.

I have talked about how sometimes Mr. Taleteller will take Morgan in the car with him when he’s running a few errands that she can go along for.   The other day, they found themselves on just such an outing.  It had been a day of a few quick, mouse free errands, and my husband decided that he wanted a sweet tea from McDonald’s.

Morgan at the Wheel -- Tales and Tails

Morgan at the Wheel

Ordinarily, this would be a simple task to accomplish.  He would just pull up to the drive through window, place an order, pull around, pay and move on.  When Morgan is involved, it’s usually a lit more complicated.  As soon as she hears the disembodied voice on the speaker, she starts barking and keeps letting everyone know what she thinks until they pull away.  Normally, he parks in the parking space farthest from the door and walks inside to order.

On this particular day, however, he saw a lot of people in the lobby.   He was not in the mood to wait in line for a long time and so he decided to throw caution to the wind and just go through the drive through.  Morgan was busy watching the people in the lobby and didn’t make a peep as he ordered.  She even remained silent as he pulled up to the first window and paid.  He praised her for being such a good girl.  He was amazed by how well behaved she was being.

Driving Miss Morgan -- Tales and Tails #CrateHappyPets @PetSmart

Driving Miss Morgan

They pulled up to the second window and that’s when panic at the drive through set in.  The girl reached out to hand my husband his drink and Morgan chose that moment to make her presence known.  She barked so loudly that the girl jumped and squeezed the styrofoam cup like something from a comedy movie.  Tea exploded out of the top and sides of the cup as she squeezed the cup.  She apologized profusely and my husband just barely managed to hold in his laughter.  He explained that she was in a crate and just likes to let everyone know she’s back there.

The girl left to get another cup of tea, and a different person came back to deliver it.  I’m not sure if she was too scared to come back or if she had to go change her pants.  I do know that Mr. Taleteller just barely made it away from the window before he started laughing like a loon.  Yes, Morgan’s outbursts are embarrassing and we wish she didn’t behave like that, but sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

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8 Responses to "Panic At The Drive Through"
  1. ShineJake says:

    Ohhh you won’t believe the good and hearty laugh I had reading this at work! Exactly what I needed!

    That poor girl, though! Ha ha ha! She might have ended up with a few grey hairs after that!

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    I can imagine what a shock it was to suddenly see and hear Morgan.

    Hope you all have a fab Friday and are looking forward to your weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. SGilbert says:

    OMD! That is so funny! Poor girl I am sure she had to change clothes. I least she didn’t think it was Mr. Taleteller was making that barking noise!

  4. Casey the Boxer says:

    BOL!! Momma stops at Sonic sometimes when we’re leaving our renny-sauce faire on Sundays. Jessie and I like to wait until the carhop is handing stuff to Momma to start barking. It’s fun to watch them jump!

  5. Two French Bulldogs says:

    You got our attention we are cracking up
    Lily & Edward

  6. Jean Dion says:

    That is hilarious! Especially that your second tea was delivered by someone else. That bark must be something else!

  7. hello morgan its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no yoo wer just trying to playse yore order for a hamberger!!! it is too bad that the girl at the windo didnt git it!!! ok bye

  8. Vicky says:

    Oh my gosh. I think I would contribute to that Go Fund me page! It had to be hilarious to see, if you weren’t the girl at the window. I can understand how startled she probably was – esp. if she couldn’t see Morgan. Even if she isn’t afraid of dogs, just an unexpected sudden outburst will make you jump. She probably had to go clean herself up – get the tea off of her – is one of the reasons that someone else came back with the other tea.

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