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A Hygge Life

by Houndstooth on

Earlier this week, my husband and I were discussing hygge.  You might be wondering what that is and if it’s a new designer breed of dog.  It is actually the secret to why Danish people are the happiest and most content people around.  The closest translation to what hygge (pronounced HOO-ga, if you were wondering) […]

We Could Get Used To This

by Houndstooth on

When I go on break from work, it’s always a bit of a transition.  It’s another transition when I go back, too.  Having time off work means that we can do some fun things when a lot of places are a lot less crowded and that makes life a lot easier.  It also means that […]

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A Decent Adventure At Last

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing to say that we’ve finally had a proper Spring break adventure. The beginning of last week was a rather gloomy start to our Spring break adventures.  It was raining like something out of an epic movie and my human had her nose buried in a book.  I didn’t mind […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — Kenosha

by Mr. Taleteller on

Last weekend Küster and I found ourselves in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  What were we doing in Kenosha one might ask?  Well, we were assisting the Search Dog Organization of North America (SDONA).   SDONA was asked to travel to Kensosha,WI and speak with a new K9 Search and Rescue team. So, the instructors and helpers headed […]

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It Does A Body Good

by Houndstooth on

During our first week of Spring break, I usually find myself taking quite a few outings with Bunny and Flattery.  This week was different, though.  We started break off with rain and more rain, with gusting wind, hail and miserable temperatures.  There was also the fact that a book I’ve been waiting for was released. […]

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What They Don’t Tell You

by Houndstooth on

As Bunny was working on her post about why you should adopt a Greyhound, I started thinking back to when Mr. Taleteller and I adopted our first Greyhound.  We did the required reading before we thought we knew a lot before we brought our first Greyhound home, but of course, we learned a lot along […]

Greyhounds On The Waterfront -- Paula Cagney

Still More Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Greyhound

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing my annual post about why you humans should adopt a Greyhound.  I write a post every April, because it’s Adopt A Greyhound month, and because there are still Greyhounds around the world waiting to be adopted and keep someone’s couch from being empty.  It’s hard to believe, but there […]