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If you are a long time reader of the blog, you might remember that once upon a time, we had a larger than life canine character here known as Lilac.  She was a retired brood dog we had as a foster who decided she was living with us from the get go.  Lilac had a lot of quirks and we went through a lot of trials and tribulations with her, but one of the things she was most famous for was her fan.

Lilac's Big Fan -- Tales and Tails

Lilac’s Big Fan

We had a big box fan that we originally plugged in to keep things cool so we wouldn’t have to turn on the air conditioning, but it soon became obvious that the fan just wasn’t going to keep it cool enough.  However, when we turned on the air conditioning, Lilac continued to lay in front of the fan and would bark at us if we didn’t turn it on for her.  She got really picky and it got to the point where she would lay in front of the fan and bark at us to get up and turn it so it was pointed just right on her.  In short, we created a monster.  We learned our lesson and vowed never to do so again.  We put the fan in the attic after Lilac passed away and went on with life.

This summer, I have begun to be aware that a certain Greyhound here is starting to feel her age.  It’s nothing major, but I can see that she’s enjoying more down time and that the heat is bothering her a lot more.  Most of the summer, it’s been pretty mild here, but this last week we have really been feeling the heat.  Our air conditioning has had a hard time keeping up and I’ve noticed that it’s been wearing on Bunny.  She alternates between laying on the couch where it’s the most comfortable, but ends up getting really hot, and the dog bed that is cooler on the floor, but apparently does not elevate her to a high enough status.

One Cool Hound -- Tales and Tails

One Cool Hound

I finally decided to bring the fan back downstairs.  Somehow, we ended up with it positioned so that it was blowing over two dog beds and the couch.  It appears that we have achieved canine Nirvana.  Bunny, Flattery and Morgan are all chilling out in front of the fan and I think they have decided that it’s a necessity in life that they cannot live without.

Bunny in particular seems to be the biggest fan of the fan.  Her demeanor suggested that I clearly should have had this idea much earlier in the summer, and she was quite pleased that it finally occurred to me.  I am hoping that her generally sweet and easygoing nature will mean that we don’t wind up with another Lilac scenario.  I suspect that’s more likely to come from Flattery than Bunny, but hopefully it’s a long way off.  What I do know is that we did what we swore we would not do again.  We’ve started down the slippery slope by plugging the fan in.  In spite of the fact that we swore we wouldn’t start things up again, we are all feeling a lot more comfortable with it there.

Ah, the things we do for love!  At least I don’t have to hire her a cabana boy.  That could get expensive.

Simply Spectacular -- Tales and Tails

Simply Spectacular

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12 Responses to "Our Biggest Fan"
  1. Bunny is so cute! That’s hilarious about the fan! 😀 My dogs don’t seem to care about one either way!

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    Glad you are all now fans of the fan:)

    A few days this summer when we have had temps in the high 20s my girls have enjoyed the fan, but the rest of the time it is trained on me, as they don’t seem to want it.

    Hope you have a fab Friday. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. Vicki Stringfellow Cook says:

    Warm here too. I kind of like the cabana boy idea. 😉

  4. SGilbert says:

    LOL! They say never say never!!! I can’t say anything because I have a fan on my night stand that is on all night. I can’t sleep unless the fan is on. Schooner loves the fan and sleeps on the bed where the fan is blowing on him. What we don’t do for our dogs…when they give you the sad looking eyes and come up next to you trying to love you…I fall apart and give in. Have a wonderful 3 day weekend. It is going to be hot in our area this weekend! Keep cool!

  5. But I thought I was going to be her cabana boy!?!?!?!

  6. catchatcaren says:

    I am like SGilbert below…I HAVE to have a fan on at night to sleep too. I love the white noise! DakotasDen

  7. Well, no cabana boy, yet! BOL! We have a box fan that we put on the patio when we work outdoors. Our Golden used to love to sleep in front of it.

  8. jan says:

    I can’t imagine sweet Bunny turning into a demanding shrew, but I do like the cabana boy idea.

  9. Earl Lover says:

    You all look so cool, in both senses, BOL!

  10. I thought Mr. Taleteller was the cabana boy! 😀

    Nice to see a photo of Lilac again.

  11. De Hufford says:

    The things we do for love. Our dogs are worth it!

  12. I sure can relate to this post! I cannot move my furniture around because the girls would not be able to see out the window!

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