One Thing We Agree On

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Here in the United States, it seems like our politicians can’t agree on anything.   However, a recent study proves that idea wrong.  The researchers at HABRI (the Human Animal Bond Research Institute) have done a study funded by Nestle Purina PetCare that researched how members of Congress felt about pets in the workplace.  It seems that there is one thing that we agree on, which is that having pets in the workplace is a positive thing.

Dog For President -- Tales and Tails

Dog For President

Eighty percent of the members of Congress said that they felt that it was a positive thing to have pets in the workplace both when the House was in session and when it was not.  It’s a big contrast from another study that finds that only seven percent of American workplaces allow people to bring their pets to work with them.  It’s a bit of a surprise to find that Congress is a pet friendly workplace, but hopefully, they’ll become a leader for more businesses and workplaces in our country.

I realize that not all jobs are ideal for having pets in attendance.  Still, if more places did have well behaved pets there, I think I’d enjoy them a lot more.  I would even go out of my way to visit a business that had a friendly dog who worked there over one that didn’t.  Thinking of all the benefits that go along with pets, I can see a lot of reasons why they would be a good addition.

Considering how many things there are that we don’t agree on, maybe it’s time to start where we do agree.

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2 Responses to "One Thing We Agree On"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    It would be lovely if one day all work places (where appropriate) allowed dogs.

    Hope you have a fab Friday. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Jackie Bouchard says:

    Nice to know there’s at least one thing they can figure out bipartisan support for! Thanks for a bit of good news!

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