One Of The Strangest Experiences Of My Canine Life

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard to share a rather unusual meeting I had over the weekend.

Saturday dawned sunny and nice for a March day and perfect for an adventure.  However, Dad and Küster had training in the morning.   When they got home we all piled into the van and went off to take a few pictures for Mom’s photo assignment of the day.  It was a nice day out, but our drive wasn’t anything spectacular.  I went to bed that night hoping that Sunday might bring something more adventurous our way.

When we woke up Sunday, there was more snow on the ground.  It was windy and wet.  Mom said it wasn’t fit for man or beast outside.  I’m definitely certain that it wasn’t meant for me, then, since Greyhounds are a higher life form.  Still, we were getting a little antsy and hoping for some kind of adventure.  Then Dad announced that he wanted to go to Bass Pro.  Küster and I both let Mom and Dad know that this was an excellent idea and soon it was decided that the four of us would go while Blueberry held down the couch and Morgan worked on her plans to save Timmy from the well.

Baby It's Cold OutsideMother Nature was being, well, a synonym for a female dog, but we were determined to have our outing, so I bundled into my coat and we packed into the van and headed off.   Soon enough, we found ourselves in the parking lot at Bass Pro.  To our surprise, quite a few other cars were there in the parking lot.  I guess when the going gets tough, the tough go to Bass Pro.  We were pleasantly surprised to meet Dad’s brother, Mr. Trainer there with Miss J.  They had actually come to Bass Pro to see if dogs were really allowed inside and had seen several.  I’m pretty sure Drake and Titan will be shopping there soon, too.

As soon as we got to the front doors, I felt extra special.  The doors magically opened and let me in.  The only thing missing was fanfare.  Mom and I walked in and Dad and Küster followed, but they got to the turnstile first because I was already being adored by the public in the entryway.  Dad and The Infidel walked through first and the lady gave Dad three treats for Küs as they went through.  Then Mom and I walked through.  She fed me three treats and gave Mom a handful of them.  Maybe I looked hungrier than Küster.  Don’t worry, I shared a few with him, but not too many, because I really like those treats.

We walked along and admired the boat section.  This is Dad’s favorite part of the store, so we always wander through.  Dad has a dream that we’ll all live on a boat one day.  I am not sure he wants to be cooped up on a boat with The Infidels, but I try not to burst his fragile bubble.  Humans need dreams to cling to.  After we admired the boats, we started walking through the fishing gear and Dad said he thought Küster was getting a little excited so they were going to go find a private area outside for a minute.

Waiting By The Fish TankMom and I weren’t worried about them finding us again, even though Bass Pro is a pretty big place, because Küster’s nose always finds Mom.  We were free to wander about and see what we could find.  This is where the story takes a turn.  As we walked out of the fishing area towards the giant fish tank, we came across what I can only call an aberration of nature.

I began to be suspicious when I heard a little girl crying.   The next thing I knew, Mom and I were standing in line for something, but there was a tall cabinet in the way and I couldn’t see what was going on, but it sounded like questionable activity.  After a few minutes of standing, and no sign of Dad or Küs, I might add, we made our way around the corner of the cabinet.  That’s when I saw it.

The people in front of us had a baby with them, and as we got up to a point where I could see, I saw the woman walk up to this giant rabbit and offer him her child.  This did not look right to me.  However, the baby sat there smiling and after a minute or two, the giant rabbit must have decided the sacrificial baby wasn’t good enough, because he gave it back to the woman.  The next thing I knew, Mom was walking up and handing him my leash.  Fortunately, she stayed close by and took a few pictures of the event.  Notice again that there are no pictures of the Black Tornado with the giant rabbit.  I think this is more because Dad is afraid of the rabbit than Küster is.  I can’t be certain, though.

Fortunately, the rabbit decided not to keep me, either.  He handed my leash back to Mom and she got a picture they took of us in an envelope.  The giant rabbit told me to have a Happy Easter and said he’d bring me treats in my Easter basket.  That’s when it hit me.  I had a real, live experience with the Easter Bunny.   I can’t say that a giant rabbit who brings you treats in a basket is all bad, even if he is a little weird.

If I Don't Look Behind Me, It Doesn't Exist After we left, we walked around the store and looked around.  We had a lot of adoring members of the public to meet.  We noticed that the bigger Küster gets, the less people want to pet him, even though he smiles at everybody.  I think the most fun we had was meeting a little girl in a stroller who couldn’t even talk yet who loved petting us.  She gave us both kisses and Küster kissed her back.  It made her pretty happy.

Finally, Mom found the treats that they pass out at the door and got a tub of them for us to take home and share with Morgan and Blueberry.  It was a a fun outing, even with the crazy rabbit encounter.  I guess it just goes to show that sometimes adventure can sneak up on you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the chance to enjoy it.

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  • Isn’t it just a bit ironic for you to pose with a rabbit? I feel bad for Kuster that people don’t want to pet him as much as you. I think it is the black dog syndrome and I have encountered it some too. Even though I always put on my biggest smile and wag my tail some people just ignore me and won’t pet me. Those that do succumb to my charms are always happy they did. Boy I sure wish we had a Bass Pro near us. It looks like one of the funnest places to visit.

  • Jen

    Hah, Bunny met the Easter Bunny! Priceless!

    Of course Kuster could find you…he IS an SAR DIT after all 😉

  • Don’t greyhounds chase rabbits? 😀 So, Miss Bunny, since you met the Easter Bunny did you tell him to leave an extra big basket at my house?

  • LOL! I knew you were small, Miss Bunny, but for a rabbit to be BIGGER than you? Well, that must be some rabbit!

  • Sue

    Whilst I was reading about your encounter with the Easter Bunny, I couldn’t get the vision of the Infidel encountering said Easter Bunny………..oh the carnage:)

  • Good thing you’re rabbit-friendly 🙂 Poor Kuster, he’s in that awkward teenage stage where not as many people want to pet him.

  • Bunny, you and the Easter bunny look so nice together. It is funny to see a greyhound with a giant bunny. LOL

  • I am in shock that you posed with the wabbit. You are so serious and elegant and the wabbit is so goofy, more my style! Looks like a fun place, though!

  • How cute! Bunny – I am sure the rabbit much preferred your quite, calm dignity to some of the crying babies. You did tell him he was among royalty right? 🙂

  • Awww, cute Bunny and Easter Bunny!

  • OMD…YOU MET DA REAL LIVE EASTER BUNNY??????? I did not knows da real one was so freakin’ huge! I am glad he not sacrifice you, he surely would has stoled your udder crown.

    Your mom should come down to my house and do me some glamour shouts nows dat my mum can’t even pick up her camera. I can’t believe i has to lives like dis.


  • Jen

    How fun that you got to have your picture take with the Easter Bunny! I’ve always questioned the giant bunny myself, but if it brings candy, I guess it’s not all that bad!

  • Hey I know that wabbit! I even oen a pair of his ears. Sure wish there was a Bass Pro near me.

  • You got your photo taken with the Easter bunny, Bunny?!? What did he smell like? Did he leave behind any bunny chocolates for snacking? I think I would have tried to dead him…like I do most bunnies. BOL
    *Cairn cuddles*
    PS…you look beautiful in that photo.

  • Pip

    Oh Bunny, I encountered this same super freak rabbit at an egg hunt this weekend. Of course, I knew better than to approach him …every time it was suggested I go near him, I started coughing. The coughing thing makes the peeps go all crazy because its connected to my heart issues. No giant rabbit for me!

    Your pal, Pip

  • That is one GIANT bunny! I’m not sure what I think about him sneaking into my house, even if he DOES leave treats. Cinderella and I may have to plan something SPECIAL for his visit.

  • Bunny, I really don’t know about this one. That Bunny looks awfully freaky to me 🙂

  • Those treats you get at the door must be very powerful – we think that giant rabbit has been eating a lot of them too.

    Great pic. Mom needs to see if our Bass Pro lets dogs visit too. Maybe we could convince that Easter Bunny to keep Lightning for a while.

    Woos – the rest of the OP Pack

    Just kidding – we do love our little brother.

  • What an adventure! I personally have never been able to figure out the giant bunny thing, but your picture is nice. How fun you got to go shopping and meet the public. We have Cabelas here, but no dogs allowed. Boooo

  • If Bass Pro was smart, they’d replace their Easter bunny with an Easter Bunny. 🙂

    Thrilled to hear that Mr. Taleteller also dreams of some day living on a boat. Would you like to make a date to meet on the water in a few years? 🙂

  • Two French Bulldogs

    Bunny did you feel you had a connection with that monster Easter Bunny? Bet Kusters nose found him in no time
    Benny & Lily

  • How neat that you got to meet the Easter Bunny, Bunny! We’ve also noticed that many people are hesitant to pet Buster and parents look a little nervous when their kids ask permission to pet him and I say yes. I guess those big, black German Shepherds have a bad reputation, even if they’re really big love machines of four paws. That’s why I taught Buster a few tricks – like high five – so that kids that are afraid of him can watch him do a trick first. Once he does that, they almost always want to give him a scratch. =)

  • Bunny…this is cute…but it is also an ABERRATION! We will not let our mom see this, lest she get ideas.

    Freedom, Casper & Nikki

  • What a creepy bunny, Bunny! Not you, but the Easter Bunny was the creepy one! People are scared of Riley a lot too…I think because she’s somewhat big and black and just looks intimidating. Even people at the nursing home that know she’s a therapy dog are scared of her. I don’t get it. Poor Kus…oh well, more adoration for you!! 🙂

  • Ryker

    That is one Huge Bunny, Bunny! I might be kinda afraid, but then it did have treats…so maybe I could overcome my fear : )

  • Eliza

    “However, the baby sat there smiling and after a minute or two, the giant rabbit must have decided the sacrificial baby wasn’t good enough, because he gave it back to the woman.”
    Made me laugh SO much!

  • Ha ha…. there is something so peculiar about a dog and a giant rabbit. What is a dog to do with a GIANT rabbit? So confusing for our terrier brains…

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  • Oh, Bunny,
    Now Mom says we have to go meet the Easter Bunny at Bass Pro. Maggie and I are o.k.. with that but Walker says, “No Way!” Mom says we may have to take his Mini Me with us since the Mini Me is “the next best thing to him being there.”
    We think it was so nice of you and your Mom to bring treats home to Blueberry and Morgan.
    Truly, Maggie and Walker

  • How fun that you got to meet the Easter bunny. Good too that you still got to have an adventure on such a crappy day.

  • Bunny you look great in your photo with the giant bunny! Considering I’m a beagle and like tracking bunnies…this one would of been real easy to spot! Unless it runs faster than the average rabbit!