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When I got the new car a year and a half ago, I knew that I wanted to be able to take the dogs places with me, but that I didn’t want it to look like a car that has had dogs in it all the time.  I also started trying to find a way to keep them safe while they ride in the car.  Now that summer is here, I want to take the girls places with me as often as I can.  Fortunately, I’ve found a system with Kurgo that allows me to keep the car nice as well as keeping the dogs safe and comfortable, as well as on the road in style.

The Princess Has Arrived -- Tales and Tails

The Princess Has Arrived

I mentioned before that we got a Wander Hammock from Kurgo to help keep the back seat clean as well as safer for the dogs and for us.  The hammock helps to keep them in the back seat so they can’t try to be nosy and get into the front seat.  If we have to stop more suddenly than we’d like, it keeps them from falling into the floor, which was one of my big concerns.  I couple that with their Zip Line and their crash-tested Tru- Fit Harness.  I sincerely hope that we are never in an accident, but it makes me feel a lot better on our summer road trips to know that the girls are more secure in the car.

Kurgo Harness and Seatbelt -- Tales and Tails

Kurgo Harness and Seatbelt

However, I wanted the cargo bay to be as nice and well-protected as the back seat.  I have had my eye on the Kurgo Cargo Cape for a long time, and I just recently got one.  I am beyond thrilled with it.  It far exceeds my expectations and hopes.  Not only does it keep the back bay covered, it is waterproof and washable.  If someone has muddy paws, we don’t have to worry.  We can just toss it in the wash later and the car is still clean as a whistle.  It also has velcro on the back to help hold it in place as well as straps that hold it over the back of the seat.  If we want to fold one half of the seat down but not the other, we can simply unzip it in the middle and leave it in place.

Kurgo Cargo Cape -- Tales and Tails

Kurgo Cargo Cape

It also has a flap that folds out to cover the back bumper area, so we don’t have to worry about scratches on the paint and it gives the dogs more traction to jump up.  I’ve seen Flattery gain a bit more confidence in jumping up since we got it, and I think it’s because she’s realized she doesn’t have to worry about slipping backwards if she doesn’t jump far enough.  It also has reflective edging, which is nice for night time, although we haven’t tested that part out yet.  It folds up and lays right inside the back once the dog is in or out of the car, too.

There are also two handy mesh storage pockets on the sides.  You can store extra leashes or gear in there, which is nice because now I don’t have to store it way up under the second compartment and dig the dog bed out to get to it.  We’ve always carried a spare leash with us, along with a few other necessities and this allows us quick and easy access to them, as well as being able to see exactly where they are. I love the easy access and not having to reach way into the car to get to the storage space.

Cargo Pocket -- Tales and Tails

Cargo Pocket

I am thrilled with our latest addition to the car, and I am really happy that it seems to have made the experience of going somewhere in the car a little better for our cargo bay passenger.  I would recommend this to anybody who has a dog who rides in the cargo bay, or even someone who just wants to keep the back of their car clean.

Her Chariot Awaits -- Tales and Tails

Her Chariot Awaits

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  • Sue Dyer

    I have a hammock and seat belt straps. Once my car has it’s next MOT (next Thursday), I am going to fold the back seat down, so my girls have more space. Will look for one of these back covers. Fab idea to have a Little storage in it as well.

    What is the zipline?

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

    • The zip line stretches between two points, whether it’s the back seat of the car or between two hooks, or even all the way around the seat if you don’t have head rests and you can attach a tether to it and attach the harness that way.


      • Sue Dyer

        Thanks Carrie. I have various straps to clip my girls too, but they always seem to tangle their leads. Just got some new straps which will enable me to unclip their leads and put them on when I want the girls out of the car.

  • SGilbert

    The Kurgo Cargo Cape sound wonderful. I am going to check it out for my car. It will keep the dog hair off the carpet in the back of my Jeep Cherokee. Thanks for the review! Have a fun summer with the girls!

    • I hope you and the boys have fun, too! It is working out really well for us and I have zero regrets about getting it!

  • That sounds like a pretty cool setup!

  • Since we only drive rental cars, the Kurgo Hammock was a lifesaver. Instead of 90 minutes vacuuming dog hair before returning a car, I just need a few swipes of a lint brush.

    I’m glad you found a solution that works for you and the dogs. As much as I love pups, i do hate feeling like everything I own looks like it belongs in a kennel. 🙂

    • When you talked about it, it was the first time I’d seen it and I started wanting one right then! lol

  • the girls do look comfortable – we only have one problem with those sling type covers – being shorter we always jump on the car floor first and than onto the seat – hard to do with those kinds of covers

  • Jodi

    This seems like something I’ve been looking for. I’m currently using throw rugs which are a real pain in the behind because they slip.

    Can you tell me more about the zip line thing? I’m looking for ways to restrain the dogs but not on an extremely short tether.

    • I really like the zip line. You can attach it in a variety of places and it has this leash that comes with it that’s segmented so you can adjust it to the length you want, and you can use it for regular walking if you choose.

  • If my dogs had to travel in the back seat I’d get a hammock, too. Someone posted a picture on Facebook recently of their dog who slid off the seat into the footwell, landing on his back and got wedged. Poor guy, it must have been very painful for him, but it took them some time to get him turned the right way up and out of the door. He was OK though, thankfully!

  • I might have to get one. I finally splurged and goe a really nice SUV and I want to keep the interior nice when the girls are riding. They don’t got anywhere but the Vet, but there have been months where the visits have been multiple times.

  • Hey, what size are the doggles you use on Bunny? I’m going to get some for my girls as Texas sun is pretty intense.

  • Jessica Rhae

    I didn’t think about the hammock helping not keep the dogs in the back seat. We are going on a road trip soon and that would be helpful. Unfortunately, none of the safety harnesses out there fir Chester and Gretel.