On The Greyhound Scream Of Death And Heart Failure

by Houndstooth on

Saturday morning started out like any regular lazy Saturday at our house.  We had an early morning planned for Sunday, so we decided that we’d take it easy Saturday and just let things happen at their own pace.  We ate breakfast in our pajamas and enjoyed watching a movie.  I should have known that karma would bite me for that.

I got in the shower and started to get ready in case something came up that we wanted to go do.  As I was getting dressed, I suddenly heard Bunny start to whimper which escalated into the full blown Greyhound Scream of Death in about .02 milliseconds.  Forget the scary movies we rented for the weekend, nothing can get your heart pumping like that sound!  I raced across the hall to the living room to see what was wrong with her as my husband struggled to get out of his chair to get to her.

Diamonds and PearlsOf course Morgan, ever vigilant, beat both of us to her side.  She stood there looking concerned and as if she might be wishing for opposable  thumbs.  As I knelt down beside her, Bunny put her head up to me, seeming relieved and Mr. Taleteller led Morgan to her crate so that we could actually get to Bunny and try to figure out what was wrong.  Morgan was not happy with that turn of events and let it be known.

With both of us kneeling beside her, Bunny quieted and laid still.  Hubby began to feel her back and rear legs in an attempt to see if she was injured.  As he slid his hand over her, Bunny tried to get up again and began the piteous screams anew.  Morgan warned us from the crate that her Bunny had best be left unharmed.  I petted Bunny a bit and we massaged her spine and she relaxed and laid still.

Soon, we decided that we’d try to get her up again.  This time, the princess stood and leaned her head against my chest as Mr. Taleteller worked his magic from a class he took a few years ago on her back.  She stretched a few times and leaned against me.  Mr. Taleteller and I looked at her and then the bed to see if we could determine the cause of the problem.  That’s when we figured it out.  There was a wrinkle on the bed that no doubt pinched her royal behind when she moved just so.  A wrinkle caused all that fuss and two humans to nearly have heart failure.  Hubby let Morgan out of the crate and she rushed over to do her own inspection, even pushing me away from Bunny at one point.  I guess we weren’t the only ones who were scared witless.

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best FriendThis is not the first time a wrinkle has bothered Bunny, but usually the problem happens when we try to move her across our bed, against her stubborn will, as we try to get into our spots.  It is the first time she’s pinched herself on a wrinkle on the bed.  I think living with the Princess and the Pea would be easier!  I am left reminding myself that the Greyhound Scream of Death is reserved for trivial injuries while serious ones are met with incredible stoicism.

Has anybody else out there been scared by something with their dog that turned out to be a really minor thing?  How is there not an Oscar for Best Canine Performance every year?

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45 Responses to "On The Greyhound Scream Of Death And Heart Failure"
  1. angus says:

    Bothered ? At least once a week.

  2. jet says:

    Barbie isn’t too bad. Occasionally at the park she will stop and hold up paws if she steps on something nasty – she doesn’t move until we come and inspect her. I wonder if they taught her that or if it’s just something Greyhounds do.

  3. Declan says:

    Oh it does frighten the humans when that happens doesn’t it… I’m glad it turned out to be just a crease in the bed and that you are ok Bunny!

    Deccy x

  4. Beryl slept in her crate for about the first year or so. It took her that long to train me to let her sleep on the bed, I’m a slow learner;) One night, after I’d had her a few months, she grizzled and grumbled for what seemed like the whole night. I’d taken her outside so knew it wasn’t because she needed to go to the toilet. She was fine when I let her out in the morning so I didn’t know what all the commotion had been in aid of during the night. Then it struck me. I’d washed one of her two duvets the day before and hadn’t put it back in her crate so she had had to sleep on just one instead of two and she Was. Not. Impressed!! I didn’t make that mistake again:)

  5. Sue says:

    Oh Bunny you had me and Song really worried there.

    Song’s bed is always crumpled up, as that’s how she likes it. Even if I
    I straighten it up, she’ll ruck it all up again.

    Song is precious about her ears and will scream at the slightest chance one is getting caught in the collar or something.

  6. Roo says:

    I guess a pea under the mattress would require a call to the paramedics eh? 😉 You are quite something Princess Bunny 😀

    Just came from Frankie’s. So sorry to hear the news about Lilac. You all sure gave her a wonderful life on this side of the bridge. Wishing her many happy tail wagging times on the other side.

    Hugs and love to you all,
    The Roo Family

  7. MAXMOM says:

    Wow, I too was worried initially, but I am so glad it is simply a wrinkle. Sending ((hugs)) to you for keeping strong and upbeat.

  8. Angela Jardine says:

    Oh we have heard that scream too. One day I was outside with Beckett and Veil let out the GSOD from the house. We came barreling in to find she had been spinning on the bed and somehow got tangled up in the sheet. She also does it if a leash touches her behind. But the first time I cut her toenails, I made one bleed and not a peep out of her.

  9. Mango says:

    That is too funny. Miss Bunny! Seriously. You better watch out those “Timmy is in the well” cries or your family will learn to ignore them. It could also apparently cause premature deafness. Of course they have hopefully learned to be more considerate of yourself. I suspect your piteous cries were not out of pain but the realization that sleeping on a wrinkle could give you pillow butt. The horror!


  10. Vero says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, I was dead worried when I started to read, and now, I can’t help but laugh.Life is never dull with you.
    Wonder how it will be with a pup arriving during the cold months…

  11. Vero says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, I was dead worried when I started to read, and now, I can’t help but laugh.Life is never dull with you.
    Wonder how it will be with a pup arriving during the cold months…

  12. I was not familiar with the Greyhound Scream of Death until we got Nikki in July. Twice since then, she has woke us from a dead sleep with that scream. We did the same thing…rushed to her and did a full examination. The only thing we can figure is that perhaps she gets a cramp in her leg. As someone who gets an occasional Charlie Horse in my calf when I’m sleeping, I know how she feels. In fact, I’m thinking of adding the Human Scream of Death to my cramping. Get me a little attention around here!

  13. sara, oreo & chewy says:

    Oh Bunny, I completely understand! I don’t like my sheets to be wrinkled either….it is quite horrifying to be expected to sleep in such squalid conditions.

  14. Priscilla says:

    Bunny, you’re a true princess!

  15. Benny & Lily says:

    Don’t scare us Bunny
    Benny & Lily

  16. Pamela says:

    Yesterday you had me crying. Today you have me laughing.

    I knew that this was a pre-written post but I kept thinking to myself as I read, “Oh, not another tragedy. How much can one family take at a time?”

    You are far too good a writer. And Bunny is far too good a diva.

  17. The Lady says:

    Haha! Sounds like it should be called “The Greyhound scream of Drama”.

    My girls aren’t dramatic in that way. The only time I have ever heard Bella scream was when I shut her tail in the car door accidentally.

  18. Patty says:

    I’m glad you are okay, Bunny. You really have your folks wrapped around your paws. LOL

    I’m trying to remember what has caused the GSOD in our home. Jack had an acorn get stuck in the pad of his foot. That caused a scream. It seems like there was another time, but I can’t remember what caused it. It definitely strikes fear in the heart of a greyhound owner like nothing else.

  19. How funny! Our bed is always wrinkled, but with our thick coats, we guess it doesn’t bother us. You really gave us quite the scare there. As we have often said, you really know how to weave a great tale:0

    Hope you are all doing OK, we have you in our thoughts.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. Anna the GSD says:

    Bunny, you just let your mom know that all of us girls SCREAM about wrinkles!!! What are we? Charpei’s?? 🙂

    I’ve screamed one time when I was a year and I hurt my elbow…oh it had mom in such a tissy! It was a horrible sound, I admit, but then I just ran off and played again!

  21. Oh Bunny, we don’t call Skirvee Screeching Skirvee Kaddidlehopper because he’s cute.

    And the really odd thing about the greyhound scream of death, you never ever become complacent. 99% of the time it is nothing and yet 150% we are rocketed into action. Go figure.

  22. genjiscorner says:

    I always thought GSD stood for Morgan’s breed, until we got a greyhound and found out about the Greyhound Scream of Death. Stella somehow manages to ‘pinch’ herself while getting comfortable on the couch, so we get the GSD on a weekly basis.

  23. Schotzy says:

    It’s leash attacks that get Schotzy. Once in front of an elementary school, just as kids were being dropped off, we got the leash wrapped around a front foot. EVERY kid and parent within a four block radius stopped dead in their tracks to stare in horror as I “abused” my poor delicate little hound. Mortifying! One crossing guard did laugh and call her a drama queen.

  24. Corbin says:

    Hehe, my mom tried to move my butt over a few inches to get out of her way… I screamed like she beat me with a hammer. Hm… maybe I shouldn’t admit that…

  25. Frankie Furter says:

    Reminds me of the Princess and the PEE (pea) Story.. fur SURE!!!

    How COULD they allow there to be a Wrinkle in the Bedding. SHAMEFUL!!! Peeps are just Millstones round our necks fur sure.

  26. Kari says:

    Such a princess 🙂

    Stop on by for a visit!

  27. Karen says:

    Oh my goodness the princess certainly deserves an Oscar!!

  28. Lindy MacDuff says:

    Bunny, I totally understand the Princess and the Pea. If the bed isn’t comfy, no one’s going to be comfy! So nice you were able to get a massage out of it, too – good work! 😉 (Did your leg fall asleep and tingle, perhaps?)

  29. Oh, poor Bunny!! When will the humans realise just how delicate and precious you are? ROFL!!

    Famously, our first greyhound James scared us half to death with the GSOD while out in the garden by himself one day. We rushed to his side, ready to perform canine CPR. We found him whimpering piteously with one foot held up and trembling.

    Upon inspection, it was found that the daft poor dog had trodden in a piece of his own poop and it had stuck between his pads.

    To be fair, he did have sore feet at the time, but, well really!

    On the other hand, Ranger curdled our blood with the GSOD more recently, and he had in fact ripped large amounts of his skin from his body by running into a brick wall running in from the garden with Sid. Sid arrived, blocking our paths, with very much a ‘It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it!!’ expression on his face. That resulted in a very expensive 1 am ‘E’ vet visit and subsequent three week healing time.

  30. hahahah Bunny! Such an Oscar worthy performance!
    I want to hear this Greyhound Scream of Death. Do you have any video?

  31. Tucker's Mom says:

    I think Bunny wins the Oscar for this one!

  32. we had MANY greyhound screams of death from Arrow, for no reason, he would even stand there holding his leg up like it was broken, then he’d walk (or run) off fine!
    they sure are the drama queens of dogs!

  33. HA!.. I know that yell.. It doesn’t happen often but it sure gets your attention. I’ve heard they sometimes do it when their legs fall asleep. Kassa is usually very stoic and I can move him around as needed.. but ill never forget the time i needed to shift his paws so that I could sit on the couch between his head and Ricky’s behind. You would have thought I’d shot him. Why should he have to move when Ricky did not!?!

  34. Madi and Mom says:

    Mom and I read about Lady Lilac on the Woos blog. We came by to pay our respects to the grand Lady Lilac….run free beautiful lady.

    Bunny and I would probably get along well…she seems to be a K9 Diva to my Feline Diva.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  35. Ryker says:

    Geez, what a drama queen you are Miss Bunny!

  36. Maggie Mae says:

    OoH Bunny,

    What a performance!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  37. Barbara says:

    Oh my lord…a wrinkle?
    Me thinks someone is vying for the Replacement Lilac position.
    You have the patience of Job!!

  38. Jed & Abby in MerryLand says:

    Our theory is the greyhounds get dramatic to make Morgan feel useful – strike that, essential to the well-being of the pack. A conspiracy of kindness run by true divas.

    Jed & Abby

  39. Kat says:

    Bwahaha! Your writing is great. So true about the greyhound scream of death! Our last grey once cut his tail to the bone and never uttered a peep…most recently Gwyneth (our newest dear one) unleashed said GSOD at the vet’s when the nail clippers touched her. 😀 Gotta’ love ’em!

  40. Sage says:

    Bunny, you are too much! I’m just glad it wasn’t anything worse…..

  41. Kristin G. says:

    Oh my!! She really is a princess. 🙂

  42. Chandra says:

    Perhaps you should record the Scream of Death and sell to a horror movie?! The royalties would certainly cover the cost of regular steam cleaning to keep the wrinkles out of Bunny’s bed!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

  43. Michelle says:

    We just had that Greyhound Scream of Death with a dog we were watching a few weeks ago. Scared the crap out of both my husband and I. She was fine. It must of been a cramp. It was the most awful sound I have ever heard!

  44. Ihatetoast says:

    Tamale did the scream of death, but Fabian prefers the yelp of neglect: yipping when I don’t let him in/out in time, as in before he realized he needed the change.

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