Oh, The Possibilities

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I’m approaching one of the times that I most look forward to every year.  The beginning of summer break is almost here, with the long, lazy days and endless possibilities.  As I have learned all too well, it passes by much quicker than other days and I try to make the most of them.  During spring break, I felt like the girls and I did a pretty good job of getting out and exploring our corner of the world as it started to reawaken, but summer is different.  The one thing I tell myself at the beginning of each break is that I want it to end and feel like I did something.  I don’t mean something huge, just that I don’t want to have the beginning of school come around and feel like I didn’t do anything, or that there were things I wanted to do and didn’t.

All You Need For Summer Fun -- Tales and Tails

All You Need For Summer Fun

This year, it’s a little tough for me to do.  I was planning to go to the BlogPaws conference, but it’s not going to work out this year.  I spent more on Bunny’s teeth and incontinence issues this spring than I would have on almost two trips to Phoenix.  Friday was the last day to reserve a room and I felt melancholy as it came and went.  There just wasn’t enough money in the coffers for me to make the commitment to go.

Now that the decision is made, I’m trying to focus on other things that we can do.  I’m hoping the girls and I can make a little road trip to somewhere interesting.  We have to be mindful of the weather, and we probably won’t go too far away.  There are a few historic landmarks that we want to visit before they disappear, so that might be part of it.  I’m going to have to do some research and put my thinking cap on.

Since I’m a glass half full kind of person, I’m trying to see the better side of our change in plans.  Maybe it just means that we’re meant to do something different this year, or be in another place at a different time.  I’ve certainly seen the girls work their magic in mysterious ways when we’ve been out and about.  We will also have a special house guest during part of my time off and we’re looking forward to that.

Admiring the View -- Tales and Tail

Admiring the View

Of course, there’s another reason to be happy about my change in plans.  Whenever I am working on the blog or other things on the computer, there’s a little golden hound asleep on the special dog bed beside me.  If I go upstairs to work in the studio, that same little dog quietly follows me up and hangs out on the daybed, no matter how warm it is up there.  The silver lining is that if I hadn’t been saving money for the trip, I wouldn’t have been able to take care of her health scare this spring.  I think I got more than my money’s worth from the deal.

So, now, the possibilities open up in front of us and the world is our oyster.  We’ll see where the lazy days of summer lead us.  I’m curious to hear what sort of plans our readers have for summertime fun with their dogs.  What kinds of things do you have planned this year?  We’d love to hear what sort of fun everyone is getting up to.

Looking For Adventure -- Tales and Tails

Looking For Adventure

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4 Responses to "Oh, The Possibilities"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    The days for me and the girls will mean a local walk early before the temps get too much. Then every now and then we meet up with friends for a walk, or just to hang out with for a bit.

    There will be some things where I can’t take the girls, but whenever possible they do go with me.

    I hope you get loads of things done during your break. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    Take one day at a time…the best adventures are the spontaneous ones. Make your bucket list of places to go and pick one after you see what the day will bring you and the girls. We start our adventures like this …we get up and have breakfast. Check the weather and decide from our list of places to go for our day trips and off we go after I pack a few thing for Schooner & Skipper. Sometimes we just stay home and swim, sit outside in the fresh air and relax, play ball, have a picnic outside or cuddle our chaise outside and read or go to Dairy Queen for ice cream, walk the river walk or go to Lake Michigan walk on the beach or go for a boat ride. Just being together is so relaxing and fun. Have a wonderful summer vacation and enjoy every minute…wherever you adventures will take you!

  3. Amy Boyer says:

    How wonderful to have a wide open calendar! Have a lot of fun this summer!

  4. Kari Neumeyer says:

    No big plans for us. I bought a car and got LASIK with all my money. We’re missing BlogPaws too.

    I LOVE the top picture with the pink shoes matching Bunny’s collar. Such style!

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